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Traditional methods of education won’t go away any time soon. Universities still need lectures, classes, and textbooks. But the rise of VR and AR will make this process easier for students and educators alike. Their virtual environment is perfect for various disciplines. So, why not make the most of these technologies?
Written by
Adriana Bell
Architectural animated film about the creation of a new reality. Today we are here to talk about reality. Let's open the veil of mystery and explore how it's formed, what drives it, and who is in control: are we controlled by it or are we those in control?
Written by
Darya Monya
CUUB Studio
Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) seem to have been mediated as interdisciplinary tools in most fields, and architecture and design have not failed to join this wave of progress. Professionals in the field have strived to utilize the utmost of this exciting technology by incorporating it into every phase of the project, starting from...
Written by
Anna Scott
CarrierJohnson + CULTURE
Recently recognised as one of the best augmented reality apps by Apple, ARki is an AR platform which helps 3d designers visualise their projects in location, improve the way they communicate their designs, and ultimately market their proposals with clients.
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Darf Design LTD
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