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Embracing sustainability in property development is not only about saving the planet, but also a mutually beneficial approach that gives more value to residents, investors, and other stakeholders. By Louise Clarke, Group Head of Sustainability – Berkeley Group & Adam Demetriou, Director – Berkeley MEA & India.
Written by
Daniel Atallah
Louise Clarke, Group Head of Sustainability – Berkeley Group & Adam Demetriou, Director – Berkeley MEA & India
Green architecture is a concept of designing and constructing buildings that are environmentally responsible and resource-efficient throughout their life cycle. It involves the use of renewable resources such as solar energy, water conservation and responsibly sourced materials to reduce the carbon footprint of a structure while creating eco-friend...
Written by
Katy Nikolaou
SuperAdobe homes exemplify the harmonious blend of sustainability and elegance. Their unique construction technique, rooted in ancient wisdom and modern innovation, offers a solution for environmentally conscious individuals seeking to create breathtaking homes with minimal impact on the planet.
Written by
Lilly Miller
Junoot, Oman Collaboration between Cal-Earth (led by alumni Hooman Fazly), URC, and SSH
Leading UAE-based smart and green facilities management (FM) company Farnek has appointed Muna AlNahdi as its new Head of Consultancy & Sustainability, to direct Farnek’s green strategy and net zero plans.
Written by
Steven Jones
Muna AlNahdi
Monish Siripurapu, the founder of Ant Studio in Delhi, has been actively using popular AI tools like Midjourney, Dall-E and Stable Diffusion to visualise and build architectural ideas that take inspiration from traditional building materials and techniques. Ant Studio is a practice committed to creating sustainable designs that seamlessly blend art...
Project name
Can AI help in Achieving Sustainability?
Architecture firm
Ant Studio, India
Noida, India
Tools used
Midjourney, ChatGPT3