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Warsaw based Boris Kudlička with Partners studio has unveiled its latest investment project, poised to transform the landscape of the Wzgórza Dylewskie. Boris Kudlička, together with Little Tuscany, is not only the investor of the entire venture, but is also initiating the construction of fourteen single-family houses in Wysoka Wieś.
Written by
Anna Antovska
Boris Kudlička
The estate has been designed in the northern part of Krakow near the border with Zielonki. This is a residential area of the city, which keeps growing rapidly in recent years. The complex consists of four buildings, joined in pairs. Each house is divided into two separate apartments.
Project name
Solar Sail Houses
Architecture firm
Superhelix Pracownia Projektowa - Bartłomiej Drabik
Kraków, Poland
Bartłomiej Drabik