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Adding a sauna to your home can indeed increase its value, but the extent of this impact depends on various factors such as location, quality, size, and additional features. Saunas offer not only physical and mental wellness benefits but also enhance the overall appeal and ambiance of a property, attracting buyers seeking unique amenities.
Written by
Collin Blackburn
The integration of indoor infrared saunas into American home spa design represents a significant architectural trend that prioritizes affordability, functionality, and wellness. As architects, it's essential to stay abreast of these evolving trends and explore innovative ways to incorporate wellness features into our designs.
Written by
Rik Snuiverink
The Sauna Place
TYYNI SAUNA is a outdoor pre-made sauna designed by architect Piotr Gniewek from TYYNI STUDIO and introduced by finnish company New Sauna. It could be delivered by a truck and installed with no groundworks.
Product name
TYYNI SAUNA Collection
Ehta Group
Product type
Pre-made Sauna
Looking to add some relaxing, invigorating warmth to your home? A home sauna may be just what you need! At its core, a home sauna is simply a small room or space that is heated and used for therapeutic purposes. Whether you're looking to soothe sore muscles or release stress after a long day, there are many important things to know about home sauna...
Written by
Allen Brown