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The mobile home community can be incredibly supportive and welcoming, leading to unique friendships and a sense of belonging. Many mobile homeowners bond over their shared experiences, inspiring each other to live more intentionally and sustainably.
Written by
Allen Brown
Melike Benli
The CTRL + P Home is a collaboration between Oliver Thomas and Amey Kandalgaonkar for the BeeBreaders MICRO Home 2020 competition. The CTRL + P Home is a 3D printed Bio-Home designed for a post covid era as a new housing typology to address affordable, sustainable and healthy living.
Project name
Architecture firm
New York City, USA
Tools used
Rhinoceros 3D, Grasshopper, Cinema 4D
Everybody on earth has its own dream home, in terms of design and style. However, the key question is: where should that dream home be locate? Shall it be on a beach, a mountain, a desert or a forest? LYX arkitekter answered this spontaneous question by introducing it new revolutionary mobile hom...