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Precast modular houses are used globally nowadays , with alot of advantages for their users , but their main problem is that the designs of modular units  is too general than not specified to a certain environment. That's why,  they are often can't be well adapted with their surrounding environment .
Project name
The Dream Space
Architecture firm
Hady Mirawdaly
Kurdistan, Iraq
Tools used
SketchUp, Lumion, Adobe Photoshop
Partner Studio Architecture in collaboration with Parsha Architects designed Future Towers at the main entrance of the (future city complex)in Erbil, Kurdistan to show the dynamic mixed-use building as the first of its kind in the Region.
Project name
Future City Towers
Architecture firm
Partner Studio, Parsha Architects
Erbil, Kurdistan, Iraq
138 meters
The Erbil-based architecture practice Studio Bryar Ali has recently completed AH House, located in the capital city of Erbil, Kurdistan region. 
Project name
AH House
Architecture firm
Studio Bryar Ali
Erbil, Kurdistan region, Iraq
Harem Sewaisi
Designed by Yasser Agha from Visuality Studio, Babylonian hotel is a work design for a building that Collecting tradition and modernity in one building. Depends on Brick form the past and glass from the present! What the building can add to the urban fabric in the city gets rid of giving a new...