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Incorporating eco-friendly design into your home has never been more popular and important. Architects and designers regularly discover new ways to put the environment at the forefront of their building projects. These tips are perfect for designers and homeowners who want to upgrade their eco status.
Written by
Tim van der Lee
Mueen Agherdien
Environmentally friendly structures, often known as green buildings, have a reduced carbon footprint compared to other traditional architectures. Green architects employ a wide range of strategies to lessen a building's reliance on external energy sources and boost its capacity to capture or create its own.
Written by
Tyler Pack
Josh Sorenson
Hugging House is based on a project that is mainly capable of fully respecting nature and establishing a connection with the building's environment (not to mention energy, sustainability, and ecology), and that through its impact and experience could generate in the visitor the same respect for the natural world. 
Project name
Hugging House
Architecture firm
Veliz Arquitecto
United States
Tools used
SketchUp, Lumion, Adobe Photoshop