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The project is a two eight floored towers of mixed use, the first being residential and the second corporate. Both ideas are joined by a 600m² green semi-public area. The Alameda Jardins is designed to feature art (incorporating a Vik Muniz original piece), green (landscape by Pamela Burton) and a high standard architecture that features sharp edge...
Project name
Alameda Jardins and Oscar Freire Office
Architecture firm
aflalo/gasperini arquitetos
São Paulo, Brazil
Maíra Acayaba
‘Build Smart’ Reveals Building Data’s Potential to Reshape our World. Gābl Media has launched the second season of Build Smart, a podcast presented by buildingSMART International. In this 10-part series, architect hosts Patrick MacLeamy, FAIA, and Mark LePage, AIA, interview building-industry experts about how improving access to data can refine de...
Written by
Tom Morr
Images courtesy of Rob Martel (MacLeamy) and Gabl Media (LePage)
The process of building information modeling (BIM) is well established, and yet continues to change and evolve as new technologies and standards are applied to it. It is particularly relevant to residential developers, where the digitization of every aspect from the initial drawings and designs to the eventual construction has a transformative impa...
Written by
Cristina Par
Inspireli Education is a new educational platform that connects students with architects and manufacturers across the world. Its goal is to provide the students with feedback and advice from professionals and to facilitate access to the latest technologies, inform about innovations and new trends. 
Written by
Mariana Vahalova
Inspireli Awards