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The team of Ennead Architects and Dattner Architects, education and life sciences design experts in New York City and beyond, are pleased to share that they will work with the New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) to design a major portion of the new Science Park and Research Campus (SPARC) located in Manhattan’s burgeoning life s...
Written by
Amanda Mott
Ennead Architects, Dattner Architects
Design Educates Awards (DEAwards) recognize, showcase, and promote globally the best ideas and implementations of architecture and design. We bring together a community of creatives who emphasize the meaning of the true added value of their projects.
Design Educates Awards (DEAwards)
Architecture & Design
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Skylab Architecture announces its collaborative partnership with Steel Hut to design innovative, budget-friendly options for living that offer increased fire resistance and durability for harsh climates. “It’s an incredible opportunity to work with Steel Hut to address the many challenges people face during the design and construction process.
Written by
Skylab Architecture
Skylab Architecture