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Río Arriba, Rosario, Argentina by Pablo Gagliardo

Project name:
Río Arriba
Architecture firm:
Pablo Gagliardo
Olivé 954, Rosario, Argentina
Ramiro Sosa
Principal architect:
Pablo Gagliardo
Design team:
Sebastián Larpin, Lucía Galfione, Denise Fernandez, Betiana Ferrero, Ana Mugica, Cecilia Alianak
Built area:
6,800 m²
Site area:
Design year:
Completion year:
Interior design:
Aluminum openings: Luhmann Apertures. Wooden openings: Sergio Samarino. Blacksmith: Jesus Corsi. Air conditioning: Texon SRL. Countertops: Pafume marble. Wooden floors: Eugenio Baraldi. Coatings: Deckar. Toilets and taps: Corralón Belgrano
Civil engineer:
Structural engineer:
Orengo y Asociados
Environmental & MEP:
Fuster & Asociados
Obring SA
Tools used:
Concrete, Steel, Glass
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Pablo Gagliardo: Río Arriba is a residential building located in the northern area of the city of Rosario where the Paraná River, Alem Park and the new Municipal Aquarium complex converge. It is made up of 20 floors with a unique and differential feature: its large individual terraces that look at different planes of a great scene: the river, the vegetation and the height.

The tower respects the rhythm of the urban area and in its entrance street it withdraws to occupy the bottom of the land and thus generate a low, green income that integrates with the context. The building rejects the idea of a front versus a background and thus manages to multiply the facades according to the observer's point of view. It gains height where the terraces need it and adapts its scale to interact with the neighborhood. Said duality increases its singular character: an efficient home for those who seek the environments and possibilities of a house, added to the particularities and quality offered by an Obring Arquitectura building.

Its semi-floors, which have exclusive surfaces from 120 to 160 m2, are made up of three bedrooms facing the city and a large central room facing the river where there is a living-dining room, an integrated kitchen and a large private terrace. A generous open space towards the Park that offers a real continuity of the living room and that adds to the house the most desired characteristics of a house with a garden: protection, green spaces, outdoor kitchen and open air.

As for the facades, from the river or from the garden on the ground floor, where the swimming pool, solariums and amenities are located, the skin of the building repeats the forceful gesture of the author's works: only exposed concrete and glass together. with uninterrupted slabs that blur the interior-exterior limits and facilitate the dialogue of architecture with the city.

This idea is also reinforced on all floors with lateral flower beds in the structure of each unit that, in their vertical repetition, connect the vegetation of the neighboring park with the entirety of the work. The concrete is treated in a particular way, as a soft and flexible envelope, which curves to form new spaces without limits.

By Alfredo Gonzalez

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