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Architect’s court- Architect’s life by Hamed Art studio

The Tehran-based architectual firm Hamed Art Studio has designed ''Architect’s court- Architect’s life'' an industrial office that located in Andarzgoo, Tehran, Iran.

Architcet's statement: Due to the overwhelming growth of building constructions in Tehran and the disappearance of Persian gardens and yards, the designers of the project, placed the main design idea on revitalizing the yard as an integrated unit! So, in addition to taking a critical regard at the present construction situation, by incorporating a new order into the interior design process, this project is moving towards creating a different spatial experience. especially that the project building was constructed with a 100% occupancy level without a yard.

Architect’s court- Architect’s life by Hamed Art studioimage © Mohamad Hassan Ettefagh

In this project, the existing limits on the formation of new capabilities were introduced. The unit 's orientation in the lower level of the path led to a lack of light. The exhilaration and vitality of space with natural elements could partly offset this deficiency. so, the idea of having a courtyard seemed very desirable and pleasant. It was so that the shaft became a small, green courtyard, and its roof lighting was shaped in a way that inspired the natural radiation of the day. Generally, the parameters of the designer " s emphasis are large, integrated, and elevated spaces with natural elements (plants and water flows).

two computers on a curvy desk made of concrete image © Mohamad Hassan Ettefagh

Video by Mahdiar Misagh

It is important to preserve the simplicity by using the neutral colors and the furniture attached to the main components, in a way that has a significant effect in making the project homogeneous so that hours of presence in space have the lowest sense of exhaustion and uniformity. 

an industrial office in Iran made of concrete floor and concrete desks image © Mohamad Hassan Ettefagh

No need for privacy in the studios and meetings formed the glass walls that, in spite of the ideal and suitable separation, did not create an obstacle visually and the spaces were separated.

concrete bench anf concrete desk are used in this office in Tehran image © Mohamad Hassan Ettefagh

On the other hand , the use of floor elements as furniture , which reduces the visual disturbances resulting from the presence of furniture to a significant extent by creating a sense of integrity in space , reducing the uniqueness of these elements in the space because the artist 's workshop has decreased the random clutter .

an LG monitor on a concrete office desk image © MMohamad Hassan Ettefagh

In performance of this project, most of components have been made by hand at the working-place; such as floor concrete, wall mantle, metal and concrete tables and even furniture. Therefore, just raw materials have been provided and then combined and made at the working-place.

Architect’s court- Architect’s life by Hamed Art studio

image © Mohamad Hassan Ettefagh

concrete detail for an office desk image © Mohamad Hassan Ettefagh

gravel anf concrete are used as main material in this room image © Mohamad Hassan Ettefagh

a meeting table on a concrete floor image © Mohamad Hassan Ettefagh

black executive desk and chair on a concrete floor image © Mohamad Hassan Ettefagh

green plants in a gravel interior garden near a wooden wall image © Mohamad Hassan Ettefagh

indoor plants with white gravel image © Mohamad Hassan Ettefagh

glass window detail for a concrete wall image © Mohamad Hassan Ettefagh

existing architectural planExsiting plan

new architectural plan New plan

architectural section detailarchitectural section detail for office Section C-C


drawing sketch


before and after process before and after of making office room Architect’s court- Architect’s life by Hamed Art studio

construction detail

construction process for an office

details of construction


Project name: Architect’s court- Architect’s life

Architecture firm: Hamed Art studio 

Location: Andarzgoo, Tehran, Iran

Architect in charge: Seyed Hamed Hosseini

Design team: Seyed Hamed Hosseini, Seyed Emad Miremadi, Shadi Shademanrooz

Year: 2017

Built area: 60 m²

Photographer: Mohamad Hassan Ettefagh

Video: Mahdiar Misagh
Presentation: Melika Asgari, Fatima Abiri

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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