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Two Mexico-based architecture firms amongst the winners of the pre-eminent Rethinking The Future Architecture Awards

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RTF Awards
Rethinking The Future Architecture Awards

Mexican architecture firms have stood out in the world-famous architecture awards hosted by Rethinking The Future with CRAFT Arquitectos and FR-EE (Fernando Romero Enterprise) claiming the first place in Housing (over 5 floors) (Built) and Transportation (Concept) categories, respectively. With 1000+ submissions worldwide, architects from 40+ countries competed in the 14th edition of the awards, promoting avant-garde ideas in design.

“Innovation in architecture is a must during these times of climate change, pandemic, and ever-evolving technology & lifestyle. RTF Awards aims to bring these innovations through winning projects to the forefront so that the whole world can follow and build towards a better future,” says Vikas Pawar, the CEO of Rethinking The Future.

CRAFT Arquitectos has been awarded for the exceptional project, CORE 31. Situated in Bosque Real, one of Mexico's premier urban luxury housing developments, the project challenges conventional residential architecture by offering a new design language. Its characteristic cylindrical shape with a compact footprint provides great expressiveness to the design, allowing the building to have better behaviour in the face of strong winds, a general occurrence in the region.

The name ‘CORE 31’ reflects the structural core that anchors this tower, Housing 31 apartments. This core encompasses a significant floor area, accommodating elevators, lobbies, wet areas, and secondary bedroom dressing rooms. The twisting effect achieved by rotating the terraces 2.6 ̊ with respect to the previous floor creates a captivating visual impact while ensuring that all residents enjoy their private outdoor space. CORE 31 redefines luxury by transcending the traditional reliance on expensive materials. Instead, it introduces a new concept of luxury, offering a range of spatial options beyond the private program. The design provides generously configured interior spaces with clear lines and ample natural light while offering habitable exteriors that prioritise privacy. Moreover, CORE 31 makes a bold architectural statement, enhancing its context with its distinctive presence and setting a new standard in residential architecture.

Rita Rawashdeh expressed her opinion about the submissions, “As a jury member for the Rethinking The Future Awards, I was impressed by the depth of creativity and ingenuity on display. Through their submissions, the participants demonstrated a profound understanding of the challenges facing our world and an unwavering commitment to finding innovative solutions.”

The other winning submission, New Pacific Airport Terminal β by leading design firm FR-EE (Fernando Romero Enterprise) in the Transportation (Concept) category, is the proposal for constructing a world-class airport that embodies a country's vision and aspirations for its people and the surrounding environment. The airport will serve as a catalyst for Bitcoin City and the southeastern region of El Salvador, boosting tourism by leveraging the breathtaking beaches along the Pacific Ocean. Its connection to La Unión will also contribute to the region's economic growth through enhanced cargo capacity. In addition to being an essential support for Bitcoin City, the airport will be a strong attraction to the crucial development of the city’s metropolitan area, enhancing the entrance of national and foreign investments.

The terminal's design boasts a straightforward, robust aesthetic, facilitating rapid construction. A smart envelope will define the space. Solar panels will be integrated to capture the sun’s energy and convert it into clean electrical energy. The roof is a three-dimensional structure with panels subdivided into quadrangular pyramids, with glass on the north side, solar panels on the south-facing side, and metal panels on the other side.

Check out the complete results at the 14th Edition RTF Awards Results.

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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