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Introducing Casa Axis: Felipe Pantone's New Creative Hub

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Casa Axis is set to become the newest creative space for artist Felipe Pantone, a place dedicated to artistic exploration and destined to be the epicenter of a glocal community where various disciplines intersect, fostering dynamic and creative dialogues.

The striking 'space age' structure was designed in 1975 by Antonio Segura and the architecture studio Pascual Genovés. Located just outside Valencia, Spain, it is an architectural gem that boasts an impressive collection of European design objects from that era, which will continue to be a part of this new chapter.

This house, revered by the creative community, has been the backdrop for advertising campaigns, TV series, and movies such as Black Mirror (2023), Llenos de Gracia (2022), El Sustituto (2021), as well as collaborations with renowned brands like Bottega Veneta, Mercedes-Benz, Puma, and Palomo Spain.

Casa Axis will not only serve as Felipe Pantone's workspace but also as a creative meeting point for artists from diverse disciplines. With its artist residency program, the space aims to generate synergies and foster collaboration between established and emerging artists. Additionally, Casa Axis will house Felipe Pantone's private collection, offering visitors an intimate view of his most outstanding works. This collection provides a unique opportunity to delve into the creative and visionary world of his artistic influences.

Beneath the magnificent structure that supports the house lies an original 1970s disco-themed listening room. This room will be equipped with a high-efficiency analog Hi-Fi sound system custom-designed by Admire Audio, a unique Valencian company that has collaborated with Virgil Abloh and the High End Audio Show. This space will serve as the perfect setting for musical encounters and listening parties.

In an effort to involve other artists in the project, the studio's lighting has been created by Benoit Lalloz, a French luminary designer known for blending art, design, science, and technology in his pieces. Lalloz has worked with renowned museums and international brand stores such as Acne Studio and Balenciaga.

The name "Axis" not only refers to its central role but also pays homage to its popular name, ‘Casa Giratoria’ (Rotary House). The new visual identity, developed by Ausias Pérez and T.O.T. Studio, aims to represent the evolution and central focus of this unique space.


Casa Axis boasts an impressive 7,000-square-meter garden that will house the new studio, featuring exhibition space, work areas, and an atelier. The minimalist and sleek design incorporates large glass surfaces, allowing for a seamless interaction with the garden, finding beauty in the simplicity of its materials. The in-house design was a collaborative effort between architect Marina Victoria, Felipe Pantone, and a multidisciplinary team, resulting in the artist's dream space.

In addition to the studio, the artist intends to create a sculpture park within the garden, providing visitors with the opportunity to enjoy outdoor artworks in a natural and harmonious environment. The construction of the future studio, undertaken by Valencia-based AT4 construction company, is already underway and expected to be completed in early spring 2024.

Our goal is to create a universe that fosters collaboration and experimentation, a space where designers, musicians, visionaries, and creators from diverse fields come together to bring new ideas to life, celebrating modernity and technology, where transformation and movement drive creativity and innovation.

"Casa Axis, my most ambitious project to date, aims to be a creative haven. My goal is to support a vibrant community of artists, united in their passion for breaking barriers and starting an artistic dialogue. I hope to create a space where inspiration knows no limits and offer the artistic community an ideal place for creativity."

- Felipe Pantone

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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