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Introducing ArchEmotions' latest Painting collection Hidden Faces

Written by:
Kritika Juneja

(Vi presentiamo l'ultima collezione di dipinti di ArchEmotions, Volti nascosti)

March 2023: Kritika Juneja, an abstract artist, architect, and writer unveils a piece from Hidden Faces(Volti nascosti), her latest collection. Her works are centered around naturalism, complexity, fear, spiritualism and emotions. From being an architect to an award winning writer to an artist, she has always been evolving.

Designed with emotional sensibilities, Hidden Faces reflects her restless disposition. It is about discovering the hidden piece of ourselves that we have been searching for all our lives. In her writing, she states:

Do you ever feel that way?"

"Lonely or at peace with your own self?" In my mind, the words flutter. "Ahh, it's restless." As if you haven't met yourself yet. When you passed yourself in the fog, your heart leapt - "Oh! There I Am! I've been missing that piece!" But it happens too quickly, and then that part of you disappears into the fog again. You spend the rest of your days searching for it."

Hidden secrets make us assume no one can see them, and we also forget that we have happy parts of ourselves as well. A happy me?

hidden faces paintings

About ArchEmotions:

ArchEmotions, founded by an award winning Indian artist, writer and architect Kritika Juneja, aims to bring out the rage of enthusiasm, admiration, and despair in art and to make people understand their own feelings both consciously and unconsciously, so they can find their purpose of expression and gain access to their own feelings. Also, lately she has been honoured with “Women in Design Journalism” for her efforts in uplifting art, architecture and critics through her writings.

ArchEmotions, fondata da una pluripremiata artista, scrittrice e architetto indiana Kritika Juneja, mira a far emergere la rabbia dell'entusiasmo, dell'ammirazione e della disperazione nell'arte e a far comprendere alle persone i propri sentimenti sia consciamente che inconsciamente, in modo che possano trovare il loro scopo di espressione e ottenere l'accesso ai propri sentimenti. Inoltre, ultimamente è stata premiata con "Women in Design Journalism" per i suoi sforzi nell'elevare l'arte, l'architettura e la critica attraverso i suoi scritti.

By Liliana Alvarez

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