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Inspireli Beirut Port Renewal Competition has its WINNERS!

Written by:
Mariana Vahalova

On Sept 8th, 2022 we held a ceremony at Sursock Museum in Beirut, Lebanon, to announce the winners (replay will be on www.inspireli.com/news and YouTube soon) of The Beirut Port competition as part of the 7th annual Inspireli Awards.

Beirut Port competition is 4th design competition as part of the Inspireli Awards, the largest international architecture competition for students regardless of their economical, ethical or social background.


Almost 2 years ago, Inspireli offered help to Beirut after the devastating explosion in Aug 4, 2020, by organizing this competition. Our help was accepted and we became the official organizer of a competition for the city of Beirut.

Inspireli’s goal was to show that Beirut is not alone in these times of crisis. The competition was organized free of charge, both for the students to apply and for the Municipality of Beirut as a receiver of the designs, too.


For a year, many universities and students from 43 countries around the world worked on the project in their University studios and it resulted in 249 projects submitted by 579 participants. Winning projects are offered to the Municipality of Beirut with the aim to help the first steps or renewal of the destroyed port and bringing ideas on how to integrate more public spaces into the port area.

The two round voting system with more than 800 jurors selected first the 40 finalists – see the Finalist gallery here - out of which then the best 4 project and 4 honorary mentions were awarded in Beirut last week.


3rd place goes to Ruben Epping (Germany) from Lund University Sweden, and the Project “Port of Beirut: Public re-claimation of the waterfront“


2nd place goes to Růžena Mašková, Jakub Tomašík, Adam Rössler (Czech Republic) from Czech Technical University – faculty of Civil Engineering, dept. of Architecture, and the Project “PORT OF BEIRUT“


1st place Category Lebanese projects: Sergio Zgheib, Peter Aoun, Julien Mikhayel, Nour Kreidy, Rita Abi Zeid, Lea Lahoud and Thea Bechara (Lebanon) from Lebanese University, with the Project “Beirut Port: An Urban Life Generator (https://www.inspireli.com/en/awards/detail-hd/4614)

1st place Category International Projects goes to Chee Kin Tan and Jennifer Wei Zhang (Malaysia and Austria) from Tsinghua University, with the Project “The Beirut Lines“ (https://www.inspireli.com/en/awards/detail-hd/4201)

Around 20 people from different countries travelled to receive their awards and made a beautiful event at the Sursock Museum in Beirut – you can see the photo gallery of Beirut Port competition winner’s announcement ceremony here.


Inspireli team

NOTE: all HD photos of the Winner’s designs can be downloaded directly from the links above and can be shared (Inspireli owns the rights)

As well as full GALLERY here: https://www.inspireli.com/en/awards/newsroom/photo/beirut-port-ceremony and the port visit here: https://www.inspireli.com/cz/awards/newsroom/photo/beirut-port

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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