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For International Women’s Day, The Aficionados Presents Three Unique Hotels Conceived by Women Entrepreneurs

Written by:
The Aficionados
Franziska Unterholzner, Tiberio Sorvillo

To celebrate International Women’s Day, The Aficionados – a travel resource for those seeking fabulous recommendations and accommodation that effortlessly fuses luxury, design and authenticity – presents three delightful hotels: Monsieur Didot in Athens, Greece; Haus Aerli in Ehrwald, Austria; and Villa Verde in Lagundo, Italy. Each is the result of the inspiration of women entrepreneurs who, with creativity and passion, have brought to life unique, enchantment-filled places. The diversity of their perspectives and the exquisite character of their projects are a reflection of the exceptional contribution made by women to the hospitality sector.


Freedom, lightness, subtle design and a palette of relaxing colors dominated by shades of green are the distinctive characteristics of Villa Verde, an architectural delight rooted in an Art Nouveau-style villa situated in Algund / Lagundo, near the spa town of Merano in northern Italy.

Heidi, the proprietor, and her daughters Judith, Paula and Lea, personally receive all visitors to Villa Verde, an elegant refuge that harmonizes nature with outstanding hospitality. The ambience is one that encourages relaxation, where everything is suitably arranged to establish a sense of familiarity, thanks to the commitment of Heidi and her family. Villa Verde, as a family business, offers breakfasts with views of the mountains, a natural swimming pool, a library beside the fireplace, a café with homemade pastries, an aromatic herb garden, an open air pool, three saunas, relaxation rooms and an extensive garden, making it the perfect place for a soothing experience.


Haus Aerli, the brainchild of sisters Sarah and Emily Schwarz, represents a new approach to Alpine lodgings, seeking an alternative to the traditional decorative style of the region with a focus on a modern, simple aesthetic. Their philosophy is reflected in the creation of a peaceful refuge, doing away with extravagant decorations and television screens to home in on details that offer a sense of relaxation. The aim of the Schwarz sisters was to create a space that they would enjoy themselves, and the result is Haus Aerli, a place that invites guests to enjoy a reimagined, authentic Alpine experience.

Purist alpine craftsmanship, understated design and the elegance of simplicity stand out at Haus Aerli, located in the Austrian village of Ehrwald in Tyrol where it nestles in the foothills of the Zugspitze, the highest peak of the Wetterstein massif. The attraction of Haus Aerli lies in its minimalist “less is more” construction and aesthetic, a harmonious fusion of tradition and modernity that upholds and expands the robust Alpine architectural tradition of Tyrolean design.


Founded by sisters Natalia and Margarita, Monsieur Didot is the result of their shared love for the Greek capital. With a background in civil engineering, the pair created together a space that embraces their passion for culture and art. Meanwhile, Natalia’s younger sister Tatiana brings a cheerful touch to the daily operation of the hotel. Together, they offer genuine warmth and a commitment to enhancing guests’ experiences in Athens, making them ideal hosts for those ready to explore further afield than the conventional tourist hotspots.

The hotel, situated in the vibrant Kolonaki district at the heart of Athens’ creative scene, presents itself as a guesthouse and design hotel in an area once frequented by the legendary John Lennon and Yoko Ono. With just six suites, this discrete luxury hideaway emanates bohemian charm that resonates with the modern Athenian’s appreciation of heritage style. The peach and graupel blue exterior provides a striking contrast to the neoclassical stone masonry. Originally built in 1890, this two-story mansion showcases alluring Athenian culture through imaginative details, artwork and custom furnishings.

Founded by Iain Ainsworth, THE AFICIONADOS is a travel resource for those seeking fabulous recommendations and accommodation that effortlessly fuses luxury, design and authenticity. It comprises over 90 hotels, designer homes for private hire and guesthouses, from all across Europe and a fabulous outpost in New York, the United States, together with a selection of over 100 creatives who round out the offer of this culture and lifestyle emporium for travel and good living. The Aficionados also publishes five printed magazines: Blueprint Beauts, Farmhouse Fabulous, Casa Gorgeous, Neu Heritage, and Alchemists of Italy.

By Alfredo Gonzalez

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