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EVOQ Architecture Appoints Three New Associates

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EVOQ Architecture

EVOQ Architecture is proud to announce the appointment of three new associates to its management team: Lise Desjardins, Marianne Leroux, and Sybil McKenna. As architects, they have long been involved in the management of the firm’s heritage conservation projects and have contributed significantly to the development of the heritage studio, specializing in institutional, governmental, and residential architecture. As associates, they will continue to enrich EVOQ’s culture and values.

I am so happy to be able to recognize the exceptional talent, qualities, commitment, and contribution that Marianne, Lise, and Sybil have made to our profession and to EVOQ. Onward and upward together, we continue leading the way in identifying, preserving, and adding to the value of our built environment,” says EVOQ architect and director Giovanni (John) Diodati.

Lise Desjardins (OAQ, APT)

Lise Desjardins (OAQ, APT)

Lise’s unique blend of expertise goes far beyond architecture. She first earned a bachelor's degree in engineering and worked as a geological engineer before pursuing her education and career in architecture. Her background, combined with her in-depth knowledge of construction details, make her a vital contributor for managing complex heritage conservation projects, overseeing multidisciplinary teams, and coordinating construction projects. Her expertise, enthusiasm, and curiosity resonate within the studio she leads, and she strives to foster a collaborative and efficient work environment that is appreciated by clients, partners, and colleagues alike. Her passion for implementing new construction technologies not only elevates the architectural quality of the projects she leads, but also contributes to the development and growth of her studio.

Lise has made important contributions to the architectural community, particularly in the training of young architects and technologists. Since 2006, she has shared her expertise in the field of architectural technology as a professor at Collège Montmorency. She is an active member of the Association for Preservation Technology International (APTi) and has delivered numerous presentations about construction technologies and their application to heritage projects.

"EVOQ's strength is the people who work here and their love of heritage. In working with them, I can learn how to restore, conserve, and enhance this built heritage that is so important to me. This appointment means that I will be able to be even more involved in a company that respects my values, and that actively participates in the conservation of the cultural memory of our societies.

Lise has worked as a project architect at EVOQ since 2017. She is a graduate of the Université de Montréal’s School of Architecture, and the École Polytechnique de Montréal in Engineering. She has led and played key roles in large-scale institutional projects at McGill University, Université du Québec à Montreal, and elsewhere.

Marianne Leroux (OAQ, MRAIC, APT) 

Marianne Leroux (OAQ, MRAIC, APT) 

A key member of the conservation studio for nearly 20 years, Marianne has been involved in a wide range of projects in the Montreal and Quebec City regions, as well as in Ontario. Marianne leads large-scale, often complex, multi-phase projects. She has mastered the unique challenges and requirements of heritage conservation and rehabilitation to meet the highest standards, while reconciling the realities and constraints specific to each project. She has adopted an approach that actively encourages collaboration with stakeholders at every project stage. At EVOQ, Marianne has also collaborated closely with our contemporary studio on several rehabilitation projects.

Marianne is actively involved in the architectural community, as well as in the conservation of built heritage. Since 2020, she has been a member of the Association for Preservation Technology International (APTi). She is also co-editor of Practice Points, an APT publication series on best practices in the conservation of historic buildings.

"This appointment will allow me to continue EVOQ’s special approach to heritage conservation, which I am privileged to have been immersed in from my earliest days as an architect. It is an approach marked by passion, integrity, and respect.

A graduate of McGill University's School of Architecture, Marianne joined EVOQ in 2005. Since then, she has contributed to the conservation, restoration, and rehabilitation of many iconic heritage sites, as well as projects that include notable urban integration components.

Sybil McKenna (OAQ, MRAIC, NCARB)

Sybil McKenna (OAQ, MRAIC, NCARB)

Sybil brings a diverse background in architecture, heritage, urban design, planning, and interior design to the heritage and interiors teams at EVOQ. She has played key roles in numerous projects in the Parliamentary and Judicial Precincts in Ottawa, including the Master Plan for Blocks 1, 2, and 3, and the Parliamentary Precinct Exterior Lighting Master Plan. With 30 years of experience in Canada, the United States, and China, she is a seasoned project manager and skilled communicator who excels at guiding clients through the planning, design, and construction processes, as well as representing them at public presentations. Her creativity, attention to detail, and commitment to her projects are appreciated by her clients and colleagues alike.

Throughout her career, and in parallel with her architectural practice, Sybil has been a guest design critic at architecture schools across North America, and has held appointments at The Ohio State University, Carleton University, and McGill University, where she currently teaches architectural design.

"I have always been impressed by the work and people of EVOQ, and I am very excited to join the leadership of this talented team and to contribute to its ongoing success.

With a Master of Architecture from Princeton University, and a Bachelor of Architecture from Carleton University, Sybil joined the EVOQ team in 2020. Since then, she has established and leads EVOQ's business development team, improving the firm’s operations and supporting the growth of our multi-disciplinary studios by fostering an innovative and collaborative professional practice.

About EVOQ

EVOQ is an award-winning multidisciplinary firm known for its quality interventions and site-specific design solutions. EVOQ's strength lies in its broad range of expertise and the synergy of its network of offices in Montreal, Quebec City, Ottawa, Toronto, and Iqaluit (Panaq Design).

EVOQ’s team comprises over 130 professionals specializing in heritage conservation, planning, First Nations and Inuit development, contemporary, residential, institutional, and commercial design, as well as landscape architecture and exhibit design.

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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