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Blue ruins received an award from one of the largest international architecture and design exhibitions

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The new architectural bureau DOMO developed a bright and unconventional pavilion design for its first participation in ARCH Moscow. The project won an award and presented Samolet developer at the design and architecture exhibition.

The pavilion stood out from the others at the exhibition, both in terms of architecture and use scenario. Externally, its dynamic shape combined stone relief and waves, and its deep blue color marked it out from the rest of the stands. Inside, the pavilion hosted a discussion area where various sessions with experts in the field took place. The project was called Art Lab.

The pavilion reflects the impact that people bring to the world today by creating their own future. Buildings that are now symbols of progress may eventually become ruins or disappear without a trace. The world needs conscious architecture that will not turn to crumbling stone over the years, and this project is a reminder of that. It is a symbol of our ability to truly create and build eternal benefits for future generations through our actions today.

The shape of the pavilion also refers to metamorphism, which is the change of rocks under external influences. Through these processes, rocks are transformed into valuable stone, such as marble. This reflects the internal processes in Samolet, and in the DOMO bureau: thanks to the synergy of professionals, the team creates quality architecture and a comfortable lifestyle for citizens today.

The pavilion was made by the model studio 911. The Kuka industrial robot was used to create a complex relief resembling both mountains and waves. In the past it was used in mechanical engineering and metalworking, but now with the help of a special program it creates elegant foam shapes and art objects.

As a result of the exhibition, the pavilion was awarded by the jury of the ARCH of Moscow and received a special award for developing a non-standard and bright platform for discussions.

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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