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Decoding: Kyiv's luxury apartment by Alexandrine Lukach | Intemporary Design Studio

Alexandrine Lukach Ukrainian interior designer transformed the classic interior of Kyiv`s apartment into a modern eclectic.

The designer’s mission was to refresh charismatic space which had been previously created by her three years ago and add up-to-date furniture, lighting, and decor.

Decoding: Kyiv's luxury apartment by Alexandrine Lukach | Intemporary Design Studio

Noticeable intervention and a lot of new design and art objects were needed due to the large area of the apartment. Alexandrine decided to focus on local designers in her selection of objects and turned this project into a professional challenge for herself. She is sure that Ukrainian design is vibrant and prominent, it is something which is being created right now and steps beyond current trends.

a luxury apartment with neoclassic furniture

Nowadays you can create a modern and vibrant interior only if you fluently mix traditions of different epochs and styles. To achieve balance you need to enhance functionality by bold artistic accents and decorative objects which resonate with the personality of the home's owner,  Alexandrine Lukach says.

dark purple sofa with wooden table in the middle

In two months Aleksandrine totally decoded an apartment – 196 contemporary design objects by 42 Ukrainian designers were integrated into the space. Among them were works of such brands as Noom, FAINA Design, Mahno design, OLK Manufactory, Olga Fradina, Tasha Oro, etс.

organic shaped vase for plants

When all new objects were brought to the apartment, it was hard to believe, that all of them can be combined with each other. The interior enriched with art and design objects by local new-wave creators has obtained new depth.

a luxury classical chimney

As it turned out pieces of Ukrainian designers based on modern comprehension of craft traditions can create unusual harmony with classical basis of the interior.

classical chimney

Decoding: Kyiv's luxury apartment by Alexandrine Lukach | Intemporary Design Studio

glass table for dining

glass table and wooden chairs for dining

wooden table with glass top

classic dining table

gym room with red color walls

gym room walls painted with blue and red color

fashionable red chair

black commode with wall decor

green wooden shelves for books

a wooden pendant lamp hanged over two violet armchairs

red chair and mirror

red bathtub in the bathroom

red classical sofa design

purple classical sofa design

odd object used as decoration above red side tale

black round table

wooden ladder used as decoration inside this apartment

a nice frame on the wall

wooden desk with books on it

decoration object

living room with modern furniture

objects on the table

purple bench for sitting

a small sculpture in the corridor

Decoding: Kyiv's luxury apartment by Alexandrine Lukach | Intemporary Design Studio

oval shaped washing basin

metal washing basin

black and white marble finishing for bathroom

black chair

decoration objects on table

bedroom with window view

bed with pillows and sheets


Project name: Decoding
Author: Intemporary Design Studio by Alexandrine Lukach
Location: Kyiv, Ukraine
Area: 288 m²

Operating area before reconstruction: 198 m²

Year: 2019

Photography: Avdeenko, Andy Liffner 


By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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