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The Sydney-based design studio Mathieson Architects has designed "Red Hill House" that located in Canberra, Australia.  Project description by the architects:  A graphically simple composition, Red Hill House has been designed with a singular approach to architecture, interiors, and landscape....
The Sydney-based architectural studio Stukel Architecture has designed "Splice House" that located in the Sydney suburb of Wollstonecraft, Australia.  Project description by the architects:  The genesis of this project was a Dutch couple falling in love with Australia and wanting to make a hom...
The London-based architectural studio DROO has designed "Englefield House" a luxury home that located in London, United Kingdom.  Project description by the architects: From Dingy Bedsits to a Luxury Smart Home, 143 Englefield Road presented the age-old challenge of marrying contemporary livin...
The Turin-Italy based architecture and design practice WAFAI has designed "The lake house that located in Switzerland.  Project description by the architect:  The concept evolves around a dynamic open space that will start to move since the entrance as you walk inside the house towards the mai...
The Mumbai based architectural, interior design and town planning firm Nina & Sanjay Puri Architects has designed "18 Screens" house located in Lucknow city in India. Lucknow city in India has a rich heritage with numerous buildings dating back to the 18thcentury. The site for this house lies along a busy arterial road and is on the peripheral edge...
Project name
18 Screens
Architecture firm
Sanjay Puri Architects
Lucknow city, India
Dinesh Mehta
The Tamaulipas-based architectural studio Gallardo Arquitectura has designed "GR House" in Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas, Mexico.  Project description by the architects: This project is developed in a land of 12 front meters to 30 meters deep and has 500 construction square meters. This project...
The Victoria-based architectural firm Modscape has designed "Albert Park extension" in Victoria, Australia.  Inspired by our client’s brief for a minimalist, tranquil residence hidden away from the surrounding city, Modscape worked with the existing structure and added a new extension that would increase the amount of natural light and fresh air...
Project name
Albert Park extension
Architecture firm
Albert Park, Victoria, Australia
John Madden
The Sydney based architectural studio Architecture Saville Isaacshas has designed "Twin houses" in Sydney, Australia.  Project description by the architects: The conceptual approach was to create houses that sit comfortably within the established urban streetscape, provide elements of drama an...