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J_P Country House in El Peñol, Colombia by tresarquitectos ®

The Medellín-based design & construction office tresarquitectos ® has recently completed J_P Country House, a single-family home located on the outskirts of El Peñol, Antioquia province, Colombia.

Architect’s Statement: 

Country House, Scattered House, Fragmented House. 2100msnm. geography with limited access, rough slopes, implantation directed to three unique visuals, a house in its place that could not belong anywhere else.

Architecture and context mix in horizontal circulations, angles with indecipherable views, unimaginable routes. 4.5m high metal frames, photographically framing the 255 degrees of visual over the dam and a main reservoir. A basic program designed in unique spaces divided into three.

a house with large window glass on a hill surrounded with green landscape image © Trípode Urbano - Arquitectura y Complementos

Three modules, three spaces, three visuals, Main, Housing, Social, spaces with growth in height and focus on the daytime landscape; cozy and warm in the night environment.

Main Floor PlanMain Floor Plan

Ground Floor Plan Ground Floor Plan 

Zoned lighting approach, dimmable and controllable in the ascending and specific angles of each area of the house make the interior night environment the most pleasant sensation of comfort and an incredible exterior register.

Columns, metal beams and windows make the house austere and zero pretentious in its materialization, allowing the important details of the architecture to be focused on each element.

luxury kitchen at night with illuminationimage © Trípode Urbano - Arquitectura y Complementos

glass oval table next to kitchen image © Trípode Urbano - Arquitectura y Complementos

dining area with panoramic view from window located next to kitchen island image © Trípode Urbano - Arquitectura y Complementos

bedroom with comfortable sofa image © Trípode Urbano - Arquitectura y Complementos

bedroom with terrace image © Trípode Urbano - Arquitectura y Complementos

bedroom with forest view image © Trípode Urbano - Arquitectura y Complementos

luxury bathroom with bathtub image © Trípode Urbano - Arquitectura y Complementos

house with illumination at night image © Trípode Urbano - Arquitectura y Complementos

Site Plan Site Plan 

Main Floor Plan Main Floor Plan 

Section Drawing Section 01

Section drawing Section 02

Section drawing of the house Section 03 


Project name: J_P Country House 

Architecture firm: tresarquitectos ®

Principal architect: Jorge Gómez

Collaborators: Tatiana Colorado

Location: El Peñol, Antioquia province, Colombia

Design year: 2018

Completion year: 2019

Built area: 310 m²

Site area: 4500 m²

Interior design: tresarquitectos ®

Landscape: ArteNatural

Structural engineer: Carlos Gómez

Lighting: C Y D

Construction: ConstruCalderó SAS

Supervision: tresarquitectos ®

Photography: Trípode Urbano - Arquitectura y Complementos

Visualization: Taller_2

Tools used: AutoCAD, Autodesk 3ds Max, SketchUp

Client: J_P

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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