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House LP.0405 designed by Nomade Arquitectura

The Rosario-based architecture firm Nomade Arquitectura has recently completed "Casa LP.0405" a single-family house that is located in Rosario, Argentina.

Project description by the architects:

The starting point of the project, the heart of the house, is a glass "intern" space, which reveals and articulates two green patios / gardens; where the most inhabited space of daily life is housed, the kitchen and the living room.

Materialized through simple lines, pure forms and noble materials, the exempt house without party walls is implanted in the unification of two lots to increase the surface of the land, within a closed neighborhood to the south-west of Rosario, in the process of transformation and surrounded of vegetation.

a big tree in front of the house image © Ramiro Sosa

Developed on one floor, exposed brick, reinforced concrete with exposed planks, wood, black painted metals and glass predominate. From the outside, the urban filter is a large interlocked brick wall; Thus, the house receives visitors opening onto a patio / garden that welcomes, provides privacy from the street, regulates the entry of natural light and the security of the home, in turn solving its formal expression.

ground floor plan

A large central rectangular block for public use occupies the lot in its entire width, leaving the regulatory withdrawals and articulating another 2 blocks at its ends. To the social sector is added a gallery with perforated exposed concrete ceiling, which expands the house towards the pool and garden, generating a new, transitional space.

brick wall used as fence image © Ramiro Sosa

The main entrance, with its “curtain” of mobile wooden boards, is in charge of linking these sectors with the private part of the house. Five bedrooms are accommodated in total, three of them the same and with a mezzanine, they share a full bathroom and are arranged in relation to the back garden, another guest bedroom, attached to the laundry room and access to the terrace, and the master suite and its bathroom, in relation to the entrance garden.

brick wall for a concrete house image © Ramiro Sosa

the entrance concrete steps image © Ramiro Sosa

the steel mesh gate image © Ramiro Sosa

corridor wooden wall image © Ramiro Sosa

living room with large windows image © Ramiro Sosa

a nice dog near kitchen image © Ramiro Sosa

modern white glossy kitchen image © Ramiro Sosa

kitchen with island image © Ramiro Sosa

a woman standing by the window image © Ramiro Sosa

kids bedroom image © Ramiro Sosa

washing basin in bathroom image © Ramiro Sosa

black metallic staircase image © Ramiro Sosa

concrete house image © Ramiro Sosa

reflection o the house in swimming pool at night image © Ramiro Sosa

house with illumination image © Ramiro Sosa

concrete house with illumination at night image © Ramiro Sosa

backyard garden image © Ramiro Sosa

House LP.0405 designed by Nomade Arquitecturaimage © Ramiro Sosa

brick wall with illumination image © Ramiro Sosa

wooden door an metallic windows image © Ramiro Sosa

House LP.0405 designed by Nomade Arquitecturaimage © Ramiro Sosa

modern house image © Ramiro Sosa

roof plan

architectural sections


Project name: Casa LP.0405

Architecture firm: Nomade Arquitectura

Architect in charge: Ana Dalla Bona, Julia Kerckhaert, Leila Poveda, Valentina Serri.

Location: Los Pasos del Jockey Club Private Neighborhood, Lots 4 and 5, Rosario, Argentina

Year: 2019

Built Area: 240 m²

Photography: Ramiro Sosa

Engineering: Weder Ingeniería

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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