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Living Out of the Bin by Kapil Razdan

Living Out of the Bin
Kapil Razdan
29 January 2024
12.7 x 0.97 x 20.32 cm
399 INR

'Living Out of the Bin' is a reflection of the author, Ar.Kapil Razdan's soul, guiding him towards introspection, bringing him solace and revelation through the exploration of his own self. “Take this collection and shape it as you wish—keep, discard, or play with its content. Their purpose is fulfilled if you see yourself within their reflection.” says, Ar.Razdan.

Through his timeless poetry and yearning for human desire, he illustrates how amidst life's experiences, we are obscured by biased judgments, losing our capacity for honest self-reflection. Fearing judgment based on our possessions, we isolate ourselves and battle loneliness.

With a desire to free his soul, the author describes how entangled we are from within while trying to escape the original sin. Further he elucidates how emptiness becomes our state of being, and we find untold peace within ourselves as a result.

With themes of knowledge, perception, and human desire, this book will help you feel closer to yourself, as I did while reading it. This book entangles a wealth of emotions, which I found to be a reflection of my own. It's amazing how easily he tells us that our answers lie within us, and we need not look elsewhere for them. Our entire situation can be eased by just changing a simple perspective in a situation, as he shows us.

It is not his book, when you read it, it will be your story reflected in your eyes. That’s what he wanted to reflect I guess. Let's embrace his efforts since all proceeds will go to an open-air roadside school.

Book Review By:-Ar. Kritika Juneja

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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