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Into Creativity Choose to re-design your life by Moshe Katz Architect

Into Creativity- choose to re-design your life
Moshe Katz Architect
Art, Design, Architecture, Self-development, Spirituality
287 pages
5.5 x 0.68 x 8.5 inches / 13.97 x 21.59 cm
Ebook- 9.99$ / Paperback color 39.99$

This book is a result of a 20-year study, work, and life as person in the search for the artist within him. The author takes us on a journey through creativity, inspiration and the unique process of an idea turning into something real in the world. He brings unique knowledge, techniques, insights and methods to reconnect to our creative source and work as creators of our personal and professional life.

Today, creativity is the most important resource for the future. Everyone can move into creativity and impact their life, whether you’re a student, professional, or anyone desiring to live a more fulfilling life. Every time you are required to think outside of the box for your school project, a client, or develop an innovative product, you need creativity. Fears, blocks, and layers of standard notions taught by institutions and societies throughout our lives, prevent us from expressing the free artist within us. This book offers knowledge and tools to help you return into your original state of creativity so you can choose to redesign your life. It’s a collection of discoveries from my journey of creativity, secrets, and techniques I learned to live, work, and teach it. I wish you’ll discover that - reality is just a recommendation, and it’s all about dreaming with open eyes.

Did anyone ever teach you how to be creative? Have you ever been asked to think outside the box and realized that you lack the tools to be your own artist? What if I told you that most of us don‘t realize our creative potential because we were never taught creativity as a process that leads from abstract ideas to final products. Everyone can become more creative and improve their skills through unique knowledge, concrete tools, and practices. This book will offer just that to all of you who are a part of any creative discipline, whether as a student, professional, or teacher. It will help you become more innovative and give you an advantage in your field by teaching you how to work with inspiration and translate your interior worlds and feelings into reality to achieve the success and creative freedom you always wanted.

Moshe: "…So why did I write the book?  Each time I see my students, I am filled with emotions. I see them walking inside the dark, looking for a ray of light. They remind me of myself walking the same abyss for years on the search for an enlightenment, a sign, a small spark to ensure that I am close to the source of creativity within me, my well, my home!

I look at them from the side, and they don’t know, how much I identify with them and want their success, how much I insist to be by their side, to guide them, sometimes to challenge them or just hold their hand, day, or night, I answer their question I used to ask myself for years and I walk along the journey, they chose so bravely.

They, same as me, walk inside the unknown to find themselves anew.

That’s the reason I wrote the book- so they won't be alone. So, I won't be alone anymore, so no one would be lonely on their path to creativity, and they would hold some answers, some insights, methods, exercises to help them move along, grow, and reassure them that at the end of that process, lies the most beautiful version of who they are- the rare and free bird that will give the world inspiration through creativity.

On the other end of the unknown, we will find who we really are, who we were meant to be in the world- that’s our first nature- be creative! Its not the purpose of some lucky ones. Everyone can be more creative; everyone can learn how to reconnect and work through creativity.

Inspiration is not meant to stay within us, it is supposed to meet the world, help, change for the better. This book war born out of that need and understanding: to share and give others, what I have learned and understood through the years.

So, after all these years, the wandering, the search, the infinite mistakes and learning, the moments of happiness and those of breaking up, after the reassembly of who I am, the research, the surprises and discoveries, I made it all the way here to share the secrets within the words written here…with hope, and love!"

About the author:

Moshe Katz, architect, designer, interdisciplinary artist and educator. “I am a visionary artist, educator and designer engaged in research and teaching about creativity. This book is a result of my quest to bring creativity closer to my fellow humans through the world that merges architecture, freedom, and inspiration.

Being an architect, urban designer and an interdisciplinary artist allowed me to wander all my life between Europe and Israel. After I graduated in Architecture studies at Bezalel and the University of Florence, Italy, I practiced architecture inter­nationally and created many award-winning projects that have been featured in numerous international competitions, exhibi­tions and published in international books and magazines.

Over the years, I have been a devoted teacher of architectural design and creativity mentoring university students, and giving talks and lectures around the world about creativity, curiosity and interdsciplinary approaches. These allowed me to become an authority in teaching of creativity, specifically for my abili­ty to inspire students and empower them to turn any exercise into a life-changing creative and inspirational experience. The results are astonishing, and my thoughts from these processes are collected in this book, aimed to help others extend their imagination and re-design their life.

I believe in thinking outside the box, testing boundaries, and creating inspiration in spaces to produce a surprise or an amazement experience. My constant preoccupation is with experiencing ideas, shapes, and materials while I search for dif­ferent feelings of space based on the connection between man, the city, and infinity.“

The philosophy of Architecture by Moshe Katz

Creative Architecture is based on the process of inspiration and creative thinking, remaining present throughout the project from the beginning until the end. It aims to elevate the quality of the space to a spiri­tual and poetic level and make your soul dance with joy.

Empathic Architecture is based on a constant feeling of love towards the place and the human. It seeks to understand the complexity of life, sees the potential in every problem, and envisions a solution for social and environmental issues. As architects, we have the responsi­bility to dream for others out of love for them.

Dynamic Architecture is a result of questions and tensions created within the architect’s inner world, such as physical, spiritual, mental, emo­tional, and intellectual, that must be translated into reality. It is a multidisciplinary approach that takes all forms of human cre­ative expression and strives to create a physical motion of the structure - a reactive space to outside conditions. It’s a mirror of its time, seeking to find solutions through innovative, visionary thinking to provoke tension and emotional dynamics within the user of the space.

Teaching & Lectures

Lecturer and mentor for architecture students / young archi­tects at various educational institutions

Lectures at colleges and universities across Europe on cre­ativity and dynamic architecture:

  • International Forum of Architecture, Bucharest, Roma­nia, Dynamic Mind-Dynamic Architecture
  • University of Suffolk, London, UK, Lecture Discover the Da-Vinci in You
  • Bishulim Pastry School, Courses and Private Workshops, Pastry Meets Architecture
  • University of Southern California, Los Angeles, Starting and Thriving in an Interdisciplinary & Visionary Prac­tice

Partial publication file and recognition

  • Biennale di Venezia (Metamorph), Space for Art - Dy­namic Architecture
  • 40/40 Exhibition, Israel / One of the 40 promising ar­chitects under 40 in 2018, Award winner / 2018, Design Award Final Nominee
  • Publications in international books and various maga­zines.

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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