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What is a Toilet Brush and How Do You Choose a Good One?

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Mildred Austria
Max Vakhtbovych

A toilet brush is an essential cleaning tool that every household should have. It keeps harmful germs and bacteria away from your home and removes grime, dirt, and other materials that build up in your toilet bowl. While you can easily find a toilet brush in most groceries and supermarkets, remember that there are essential features the cleaning tool should have.

What is a toilet brush?

A toilet brush is a long-handled scrubbing brush with hard bristles arranged in a round shape. The current toilet brushes are typically made of plastic bristles and come with a tube or holder.

The purpose of a toilet brush is to clean the toilet bowl and its rim. Some toilet brushes are for prolonged use, while others have disposable cleaning heads.

Features to consider when buying a toilet brush

Although any toilet brush can clean the toilet bowl, choose the best toilet brush you can find to ensure that you can effectively clean under the rim and every surface inside the toilet bowl.

Toilet brushes come in different designs, and even a small difference in their design can make a big difference. Here are some of the features to consider.

The shape of the brush head: It is difficult to clean under the toilet bowl's rim because you cannot see much of it. Choose a toilet brush head that is designed to reach under the rim. You will know what type it is by its design. Typically, it will have a curved head or longer bristles that allow the bristles to work their way into parts that are difficult to reach.

Type of bristle: The most common material for the bristles is nylon, which is tough, stiff, and easy to clean. Choose the right type of bristle that will suit your cleaning needs and make your task faster and almost effortless.

Material and length of the handle: Choose a toilet brush with a stiff handle to help you when you scrub. Purchase one with the right length (not too short and not too long) to prevent your hand from touching the inside of the toilet bowl. Cleaning experts recommend getting a 14.5-inch toilet brush.

Toilet brushes usually come with a holder: Since you put the brush and holder near the toilet bowl, consider buying one that will complement your bowl in color or design. You'll be surprised at the innovative designs available today.

Maintaining a toilet brush

Although most toilet brushes last a long time, people tend to forget that they accumulate bacteria and germs and should be replaced at least twice a year, according to cleaning experts. To ensure that your bathroom remains clean and free from germs, see to it that you clean your toilet brush using your toilet bowl cleaner and rinse it in running water. Every week, soak your toilet brush in hot water and bleach solution for one hour before rinsing it in hot water. Ensure that you also clean its holder. Spraying the bristles with disinfectant after use is also a good idea.

Choose a toilet brush with the right bristles to clean every part of the bowl effectively. Moreover, choose a sturdy holder that will not tip over easily.

By Liliana Alvarez

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