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Tu Las Tam Woda by Boris Kudlička with Partners, a place inspired by nature

Written by:
Anna Antovska
Boris Kudlička with Partners

Morning coffee on the pier, a boat cruise with friends, fishing, or simply relaxing every day and watching the sunset – when you live by a beautiful lake, the possibilities are endless. Whether it will be your second home or a holiday retreat with the option of generating income from rent, the Nowe Liliopolis development Tu Las Tam Woda, by Boris Kudlička with Partners architecture studio, is designed to make the most of the potential of Kalbornia, which is one of the most craved locations in the heart of the Masuria region. Residents and their guests will soon be able to take a dip in the waters of Dąbrowa Wielka lake and own one of the most original properties in the Wzgórza Dylewskie area.

Imagination is a powerful tool. From Lake Tahoe or Bled to Como, it's hard not to fall in love with the idea of owning a home with such marvellous views. In Poland, one such place is Kalbornia. Here, at the gateway to Masuria, you can get a taste of the life enjoyed by the locals: peaceful, carefree, full of different flavours and traditions. The greatest wealth of this small village is nature with its pine forest and the ecosystem of Dąbrowa Wielka lake.

Embrace of the water

When you arrive for the first time at the construction site of the houses, designed by the Boris Kudlička with Partners team of architects, you get the feeling that a stay here can be special, and that adventure and relaxation in the spirit of slow life begins right here and now. Every detail of the infrastructure, including – apart from the houses (36 in the first stage and 14 in the second stage) – its own harbour with boat mooring, reception area, beach, spa, amphitheatre, open-air cinema, greenhouses, gym, conference room, heated outdoor swimming pool or EV charging station, offers unique facilities and services to match the status of this place, located just two hours from Warsaw and Gdańsk.

Looking at the visualisation of the construction, which is already underway, it is clear that the design by Boris Kudlička with Partners architecture studio is something more than just the idea of your own home at the lake. It is a true lifestyle with friends, with whom the day begins at the beach, then you go for a bike trip and to the gym, and it ends with a dinner followed by dancing at sunset. The wooden architecture of the homes with huge glass windows gives off warmth, which is combined with carefully refined contemporary lines and high-end finishes. Each home can be further customised with a choice of interior design trims and versions with a sauna, fireplace, jacuzzi, external blinds or awnings. Residents of the Tu Las Tam Woda development will soon be able to enjoy magnificent panoramic views of the forest and the lake, extending from both the houses and the communal area.

Far from the hustle and bustle of the city

The timber-framed houses, ranging in surface area from 79 sqm to 107 sqm, can prove to be hard to leave, but it's worth staying outside and enjoying an aperitivo on one of the private terraces and shared piers. In summer, it’s best to spend some time by the pool, in a kayak or practising yoga in the amphitheatre. After such an active day, why not go to the wellness area with a massage spot or use the in-house sauna. Then all that's left, is to enjoy the best sleep of your life in bedroom overlooking the lake, wake up and do it all over again. At least try to put your phone down for a while, even if it’s going to be hard.

You can organise events in the open-plan common area, later in the evening inviting guests to relax in living spaces that combine the sophistication of the designs by Boris Kudlička with Partners, with the classic Masurian atmosphere of slow life. This place is both indescribably luxurious and full of apparent ease. The first show home, as a shell unit, will be available for viewing as early as March. Its completion is scheduled for 2024.

With respect for the environment

One of the underlying principles was to develop the project with maximum respect for the environment, through the use of natural materials and low-emission construction that respects the existing greenery and uses energy-efficient solutions. Natural materials appear not only in the interiors and on the façade, but were primarily applied in the construction of the building. Standard insulation materials have been replaced by natural wood wool. The buildings are constructed using timber prefabrication technology, which allows for quick and clean construction and means a low carbon footprint. The buildings are heated and cooled with a pump, which uses the natural qualities of the earth. In addition to being low-emission, this solution also results in significant savings in the cost of house ownership. A building automation system is responsible for the control of all technical equipment, enabling the most efficient use of equipment and tapping into the environment for energy.

Get some rest… and make a profit

The developer of Tu Las Tam Woda is Nowe Liliopolis Sp. z o. o., a company owned by the following investors: Maciej Wandzel – experienced developer, creator of the Soho Factory project in Warsaw, whose portfolio also includes the Mercure Hotel in Szklarska Poręba, Boris Kudlička – a renowned architect and world-famous opera set designer, as well as Jerzy Pielichowski and Tomasz Jan Wygoda – two investors who specialise in the revitalisation of pre-war properties. Notably, the concept also provides for the possibility of making a profit from renting out the house. The owners relax on the lakeside whenever they want, while during the rest of the time they can take advantage of the 10-year rent agreement, without having to worry about marketing and occupancy. This is thanks to the help of an experienced operator and allows you to enjoy a high profit of 70% of the annual rent.

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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