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Tips To Make Your Apartment Complex Lobby More Attractive

Written by:
Mallory Knee

As a rental property investor, manager, or owner, it’s important to update your premises, especially your lobby. While keeping the grounds attractive is key, you shouldn’t spend all of your time tending to your property’s landscape.

Your apartment lobby is the first impression for future tenants. Creating a welcoming and luxurious space that meets your current and potential residents’ needs will increase the chances of lease renewals. Here are a few tips to make your apartment complex lobby more attractive to prospective residents.

Reduce the Clutter in Your Lobby

Sometimes we have so many great ideas for a space that we want to present them all. However, overloading your lobby with decorative accents, furniture, and promotion boards can be unappealing. Creating a contemporary and uncluttered interior design is your best choice if you want to attract more residents. It will make the space look bigger and more open than it is.

Replace Old Cluster Mailboxes

Another way to make your apartment lobby more attractive is by replacing old cluster mailboxes. You should keep every aspect of your entry up-to-date, including the additional rooms. Having chipped, corroded, or outdated mailboxes can reduce the overall look of your mailroom. These are some signs that you need to replace your cluster mailboxes. If you have a locker room, you should add smart lockers instead of having packages and parcels stacked in the lobby.

Upgrade Your Amenity Spaces

Beefing up your gym, internet room, child’s playroom, and pool house will also make your lobby look more attractive. Upgrading the rooms attached to your lobby will impress your future and current residents. Providing the best gym equipment, computer room, game room, and other amenities spaces will encourage your residents to use the spaces more. It will also convince future residents to apply for a unit.

Focus on Improving Your Lobby’s Security

The best way to improve your apartment’s lobby is by improving the security. Make your residents feel safe with increased security. This will decrease the chances of theft and riffraff. You can improve your property’s security by encouraging your residents to take steps to protect their units. If you offer townhomes on your property, add fencing and other privacy structures to give your tenants more security.

By Liliana Alvarez

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