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Three Rooms in Your House That Deserve Renovations

Written by:
Felicia Priedel
PV Productions

Are you looking to make updates to your home and increase your property’s overall value and living experience? Here are three specific rooms in your house that deserve and can benefit from renovations.

The Kitchen

When looking for a new abode, kitchens are always high on homebuyers’ lists. In fact, most homeowners see an ROI of nearly 54% when they eventually sell their property. As such, it’s highly recommended that any major house renovation includes some degree of kitchen remodeling work, regardless of whether you plan on moving anytime soon. First and foremost, you should always prioritize hardware and structural repairs before spending any money on new appliances or fancy backsplashes.

Once your kitchen is fully repaired and in optimal condition, you can start investing in more interesting renovations, such as implementing a new color palette or installing an automated lighting system. And if you’re prepared to spend the big bucks, consider upgrading your outdated appliances for high-efficiency, environmentally-friendly machines and knocking down any unneeded walls to add more space and better flow to your kitchen.

Your Bathrooms

Bathrooms are a crucial part of any home, and as such, they’re valued high in the eyes of potential homebuyers. Plus, having quality bathrooms throughout the house is a nice luxury regardless if you plan on moving soon or not. The most popular and enhancing remodel projects to consider for your bathrooms include installing open shelving, replacing bulky light fixtures, updating appliances, and repainting the walls. More expensive options include implementing heated flooring and replacing bathtubs with standing shower models. If possible, consider increasing the size of your restrooms—specifically the primary lavatory—to get the most value out of your investment.

The Garage

Garages are often overlooked spaces within the home that, with the right renovations, can serve much greater and more helpful functions than simply storing your vehicles. Installing updated light fixtures and lighting systems, repainting the walls, and implementing some natural light are three easy projects that turn your carp port into a multi-purpose room. You can set up the ideal remote working space for yourself and your children, create a highly ventilated workshop for personal hobbies, or design the ultimate entertainment zone in place of a basement. Or, opt for renovations that optimize vehicle storage within your garage. For example, you can install a rooftop hoist device for your Jeep to make the most out of your space

These three specific rooms in your house absolutely deserve renovations, whether big or small, to effectively enhance the living experience and value of your humble abode. Remember that new hardware and a fresh coat of paint makes a huge difference and is the most affordable method for updating a house!

By Liliana Alvarez

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