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The most beautiful university buildings in the world

Written by:
Carrie Duncan
U.S. Air Force Academy

There is an opinion that those universities, which are among the top 100 educational institutions in the world, according to Forbes magazine, not only have a great educational base and high scientific achievements, but they are also the most beautiful architectural buildings. And this is no accident because the prestige of the institution itself begins with external attractiveness, which is strengthened by the deep internal content of the educational process, and these components in the end allow the university to become the best in every respect.

Everyone knows that a university is a place where student life is in full swing, where new scientific discoveries are made and innovative technologies are introduced. But it is not only science and learning that fill students' lives, they also teach young people about high aesthetics. It is not in vain that there is an opinion that the best professionals like thesis writer come out of the walls of the most beautiful universities in the world.

     1. The Cathedral of King's College, University of Cambridge (Cambridge, UK)

King's College Cathedral at the University of Cambridge is the oldest and the most beautiful building of the famous university. This majestic structure is considered one of the best examples of Perpendicular Gothic architecture in England and is an important tourist attraction as well as a calling card of the city of Cambridge. Note: The unique chapel building was built in several stages between 1446 and 1515.

     2. The University of Coimbra in the Old Royal Palace (Portugal)

The University of Coimbra, founded by King Dinis I of Portugal in 1290, is considered one of the oldest universities in Europe. It is not only the most prestigious educational institution in Portugal but also a unique example of Medieval architecture. The main building is in the former royal palace, the ancient Cathedral of the Holy Cross (XII century), the Chapel of the Archangel Michael, the chapel tower of the XVIII century, the museum of church art, João academic library, and the Botanical Gardens are among the remarkable objects that deserve particular attention.

     3. The University of Oxford (UK)

This is probably the most famous and recognized university in the world, which has been graduating specialists of the highest level for more than 500 years. Its 39 colleges are true masterpieces of Renaissance architecture and are available not only for students. It is also open to all those who want to see such a majestic complex, consisting not only of academic buildings, but also local history and history museums, a huge library, and the most luxurious botanical gardens in England.

     4. Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut, USA

Yale University is a private research university, one of the eight most prestigious American universities. It is hard to imagine, but the main campus alone encompasses 69 hectares of land, with 439 buildings on campus, most of them of special architectural value. Of course, all of these buildings were built over 500 years, so architectural styles and directions vary. Here you can easily study the formation of American architecture, from New Colonial principles and Victorian Gothic to ultra-modern experiments. Interesting: the University campus is a so-called campus that contains academic buildings, research centers, libraries, sports complexes, stadiums, student dormitories, stores, cafes, and entertainment facilities.

     5. Princeton University in Princeton (New Jersey, USA)

Princeton University is world-famous for its famous alumni and unique research projects and is the head of the Ivy League honorary association of universities. It is considered one of the most prestigious institutions of higher learning in North America, owing to its outstanding appearance, strong academic foundation, and glorious history. Princeton University's campus occupies about 200 hectares in a suburban area, and its main buildings are created in the classical-academic Gothic style, which has been considered the most beautiful architectural creations for more than a hundred years.

     6. Sorbonne University in Paris (France)

Sorbonne University is not only the oldest and largest educational institution in France but also an architectural and historical complex that attracts tourists. All historical buildings of Paris Sorbonne University are concentrated in the oldest part of the city and were built during 8 centuries. The main historic buildings are considered the most famous and beautiful buildings created in the Neo-Renaissance architectural style.

     7. Toronto Public Research University (Canada)

Quite a remarkable fact is related to the foundation of this research university, as it turned out, the decree for its construction was signed by the King of England in 1827, although Canada itself as a country did not yet exist. Nonetheless, it has become the most prestigious and beautiful institution of learning in North America and the world, given that the research conducted in its laboratories helped create insulin, identify stem cells, invent the first electron microscope, and many other vital drugs and equipment. Of course, the University is not only famous for science, considering that its main buildings are almost 200 years old and were built by renowned architects who managed to create truly great architectural masterpieces. The first campus of St. George is considered to be not only the most beautiful campus but also the cultural treasure of the country and the main attraction of Tronto. Its 71 hectares offer a splendid array of pompous Victorian-style buildings. The other two university campuses were built later, their design is dominated by extravagant eclectic style, because the best architects from all over the world, including those from Russia, took part in its creation.

     8. Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs (USA)

This school is famous for its futuristic Cadet Chapel, which was built to the design of architect Walter A. Netsch in 1962. Its fantastic appearance has caused a lot of outrage in the architectural world because in the middle of the last century such forms and materials have not yet been used for such large-scale structures. Despite initial disapproval, over time the chapel has won several awards and is now recognized as a National Historic Landmark and is considered a forerunner of brutalism.

     9. The Mode Gakuen Cocoon Tower in Tokyo, Japan

This is one of the most modern futuristic buildings, which combined three educational institutions Tokyo Mode Gakuen, HAL Tokyo, and Shuto Ikō under its roof. While the ancient campuses of a single university occupied huge areas, nowadays 50 floors are enough to accommodate everyone who wants to study at prestigious, even one might say, fantastic educational institutions

By Liliana Alvarez

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