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Impact Of Social Media On Society And Architecture

Written by:
Judy Franco
Adrian Celaya

Social media plays a big role in people's lives now. In modern society, it is common to use web technologies in organizing contacts. We are dealing with a new means of establishing communications, a tool that allows you to manage interaction. Also, the concept of social media architecture has long been among the most popular platforms. This is not surprising, as new trends are always fascinating and move to the next stage of development. Let's dive into the research together to find out more.

What Does Social Media Effect Mean? 

Recent decades have demonstrated changes in information and communication technology. In this case, the emergence of social media has played a unique role. For example, mobile devices dominate the total number of minutes spent on the Internet. Any research paper will confirm that this definitely leaves its mark. In this case, the concept of social media effect is an individual's ability to influence people's thinking in a virtual community. That is, if you have a natural ability to influence the population, then you attract other companies or individuals. 

One of the many interesting pros of social media is that it has had an enormous impact on architecture. Many popular platforms, such as LinkedIn or Instagram, are important platforms for anyone who wants to stand out. They allow people to create and sell a personal brand and what they have been able to create. That's a great thing. Nearly a quarter of the world's population uses Facebook. Since these portals enhance the interaction between people, they improve their significance and influence as they develop. 

Research Work On The Impact Of Social Networks 

These days, many people try to do different studies to learn and uncover such a direction in a more profound sense. In that case, you need to read a lot of literature and materials to take into account all opinions and views. Every conclusion is based on different theories and their solutions. In many such works, the primary goals are: to identify the significance of social networks in human life, to study the degree of their influence on the formation of psychological dependence, and to develop measures for its prevention.

After doing some analysis, we can conclude that people are better off leading a healthy lifestyle and doing sports instead of social networking. It is also worth limiting your online presence more often. Moreover, you should look for alternative ways of spending time, such as drawing, embroidery, reading books, etc. The extra assignments you get on such topics help increase the information field in that direction. Social media is a very broad concept, so you have to look at it from different angles every time to get the most detailed picture of the phenomenon. 

mobile photography of buildingsimage © Kaique Rocha 

How Social Networks Set The Trend For Society And The Architectural Field 

There are a huge number of different social networks in the world. Not all of them talk about the same things. This suggests that people who are members of these platforms have diverse interests. However, not everyone thinks about how we have become dependent on social networks and the Internet in general. A lot of online research and essays cover the topic of social networks and how social media effects on people's behavior, perceptions, and preferences. For example, after studying several essays on the impact of social networks on a person’s mental health or a study on social networks and trends in the modern world, one can come to the conclusion that it is social networks that begin to control us and our preferences. This is used by people and even entire companies to develop competitive marketing strategies, get information, and achieve results.  If you read a research paper in any manner about the things changing architecture, you can see the involvement of social media.

People discuss many topics on the Internet. It gives impetus to new ideas, thinking, and vision of reality. Creators and designers never fail to draw knowledge and inspiration from such considerations. When an event is about a topic a company is involved in, they can take advantage of the current trend to create an impromptu campaign.

What Kind of Work Do Social Networks Provide In The Field of Architecture 

Moreover, in recent years, visual media have become the main driving force behind the development of the world's cities. Theorists Giulia Pistone and Fabiola Fiocco, who investigate the relationship between social media and architecture, draw attention to this trend. Web designers and other creative professionals may use such platforms for a variety of reasons, including:

     Publicize themselves and find new clients;

     Increase name recognition;

     Find inspiration for new projects.

Lately, digital imaging has become a key component in architecture. Some bureaus openly declare that they want to create spaces that visitors would often take pictures of and post to Instagram. It's not just about the interiors of buildings - this trend affects the exterior of buildings. This leads to the fact that buildings are built independently of the urban context, namely according to the desires of architects social media.

Bottom Line

Information is power. Without the means to disseminate such data, people cannot use it. One of the positive effects of social media is the spread of information in today's world. Platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and others have made it possible to access shared data at the click of a button. Moreover, the World Wide Web and its content have influenced entire societies and even areas such as architecture. So, what can we expect next? It's interesting to find out already. 

By Liliana Alvarez

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