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The Diversity of European Casino Architecture

Written by:
Josh Taylor
Jakub ┼╗erdzicki

What do people usually think about when asked about a casino design? Most would imagine classic architecture and luxury interiors made for royalty and wealthy people. Such an approach is true, as numerous gaming establishments prefer the authentic design when building a casino. Moreover, architects implement special tricks to encourage players to visit the gambling venue and stay inside for as long as possible.

Architecture is also susceptible to trends, so a new approach to casino design has been invented in recent decades. Gaming establishments created several centuries ago lacked windows and daylight, while the newer solutions are completely different. Their creators believe that gamblers need more space and light and design modern buildings with minimum items in the interior.

However, there is an interesting fact that most online casino operators in Europe are far more successful than their brick-and-mortar competitors. Meanwhile, passionate players still prefer to explore the authentic spirit of land-based gaming houses, so let’s look at the most impressive architectural projects.

Casino de Monte Carlo, Monaco

This building is iconic, as it’s one of the earliest casinos to open its doors on the European continent. The remarkable gaming house was created in the Beaux-Arts style, which has similar traits to the Baroque and Renaissance. Casino de Monte Carlo looks exactly like we see gambling venues in the best movies: luxurious interior, including stained glass and paintings on the ceiling and walls. Decorative ornaments inside and outside the building create a comfortable and calm ambience, motivating players to stay and enjoy more games.

Unlike many other gaming establishments launched in the 19th century, Casino de Monte Carlo is spacious and adorable. Visitors can explore the amazing bas-reliefs and paintings of famous artists for hours. However, this casino still lacks daylight; the industry trends have always impacted buildings’ architecture.

Casino de Spa, Belgium

The majestic establishment is located in the province of Liege, one of the most picturesque regions in Belgium. The casino is a historical building with a façade created in neo-classic style. It was initially a SPA resort for royal and wealthy people, which was incredibly popular in the 18th century.

The fantastic building has huge windows, creating more space and distinguishing it from similar gambling houses. Even though it’s built in a classic style with luxury elements inside and outside the building, it perfectly fits the concept of a modern casino with lots of space and minimum items in gaming rooms.

Baden-Baden Casino, Germany

This amazing gaming house opened its doors in 1824 by a famous architect, Friedrich Weinbrenner. He was known for his love of the neoclassical style, so it’s not surprising that he used it when constructing the casino. Corinthian columns are the real pearl of this building, which gives it a unique charm that is not repeated in modern architecture.

Visiting the Baden-Baden Casino is synonymous with luxury, as not everyone is accepted. Therefore, such a gambling experience is even more valuable. For decades, it has been a place only for royalty and celebrities; for instance, Marlene Dietrich loved visiting this fantastic destination.

Il Ridotto, Venice

Skipping the oldest brick-and-mortar gaming house would be a real crime, especially considering that Casino de Venezia is the real pearl of 17th-century architecture. The building is a classic representation of the Renaissance style. Opulent sculptures on the façade and authentic chandeliers give Il Ridotto special charm.

Of course, the gambling establishment is located on the Grand Canal, which makes it even more spectacular. The famous casino hosted numerous movies – we are confident that everyone watched the renowned Casino Royale with James Bond. Even though Il Ridotto is already over 400 years old, its architecture and amazing designs cause a lot of excitement among modern art lovers.

Casino Estoril, Portugal

This famous gaming venue is located 11 kilometres from the country’s capital and is one of the most famous European casinos. Estoril is considerably young compared to the buildings listed above. It opened its doors in 1951 and is a representative of modern style. During that time, architects gave up the idea of creating opulent interiors and luxurious figures on the façade.

Instead, minimalism has become fashionable, which can be seen in the casino's exterior. The establishment is similar to the classic Vegas casinos: bright signs, beautiful fountains, and an atmosphere of fun make passers-by get carried away by this place.

The Final Word

European casinos boast a long history: while the first one was opened in 1632, new gaming clubs constantly delight gambling lovers. All buildings are performed in different styles, depending on what was in trend when they were created. Those desiring to explore the luxurious ambience of royal casinos should consider travelling to Monaco or Venice.

On the other hand, minimalism or futurism fans can take advantage of Estoril and Baden-Baden Casino. All in all, these gaming houses have their unique spirit and attract attention not only due to the huge number of games but also for the amazing architecture and design.

By Liliana Alvarez

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