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The Best Ways to Reduce Energy Costs in a Store

Written by:
Zoe Kostadinovska

Many storeowners are surprised on their first month in business when they get their first bill for the electric and the gas: Is it meant to be that high?

Luckily, those soaring costs don’t have to be a long-term drain, and with some simple techniques and know-how, you can minimize the costs you spend each month on these kinds of bills.

Here, you will be given some top tips, so read on to start saving money.

Reinforced Doors

OK, so reinforced doors are not a replacement for a security system, but they can go a long way toward reducing the costs spent on a security system.

If you have steel or Masonite doors fitted, this can make it harder for break-ins to occur, thus lowering the bill for locks and automatic systems to prevent entry. You should make sure that your store has CCTV, etc., but with the right doors, it won’t need to be like Fort Knox when you leave each night!

Insulation and Weather Proofing

It may be expensive in the short term, but making sure your store has the correct level of insulation and weatherproofing can save a fortune on electric and gas bills.

This is because with better insulation, there is a lowered need to heat up the store, thus reducing expensive gas and heating costs long-term. In relation to weatherproofing, making sure all of the doors and the roofing are protected from extreme weather will save you a small fortune in maintenance.

LED Lights

Say goodbye to electric lights! Well, kind of.

One way to reduce costs in your store is to invest in LED lighting. These cost less to run, don’t require replacing or maintenance as much as traditional lightbulbs do, and, best of all, they are good for the planet. So, you can promote that greener store message with a smile on your face if you are looking to attract more eco-friendly customers.

Programmable Thermostats

Thermostats that turn on and off at set times may seem like a good idea in theory, but they can cost more in the long run.

For many store owners who want to cut costs, it can be worth having a programmable or even a smart thermostat installed. This will allow you to program the heating to be on or off when there are staff and other people in the store. If you have a store where there are livestock, like a pet shop, you may need to consider more specific types of heating in the winter to keep your guinea pigs, bunnies, and potentially your reptiles happy, but this is a more specialist area which should be discussed with thermostat fitters.

Energy Audits

This is a common option for store owners looking to cut costs on their electric or gas bills, particularly in winter and fall.

Be sure to conduct regular energy audits to see which areas of your store are using the most energy. Is it the drafty stockroom? Or is it the onsite toilet? Whichever it is, both of these have options to reduce the energy outputs and lower the costs. The bathroom could be fitted with a motion sensor light, and as for the stockroom, you could look into better insulation. That way, the heating won’t need to be on as much, and you can keep everyone warm and happy.

By Liliana Alvarez

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