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Shower Door Maintenance Tips

Written by:
Anna Walter
Max Vakhtbovych (Cover image)

A shower door is a must-have for your bathrooms but keeping it clean and other maintenance may draw you away from this option. Try these daily life hacks.

Our busy schedules don’t let us pay attention to these little things, like cleaning the shower doors. We can’t clean the shower doors daily but do little yet permanent settings so that such things may not trouble us. Their shattering is something that bothers us, but follow up these simple yet pro tips to maintain the shower doors and their cleanliness.

Shower doors are not difficult to clean but keeping them clean might be a task. They are daily exposed to moisture, dust, and soap scums, so they need to be cleaned after every 3 to 4 days. But it’s not an issue now.

Why Choose Shower Doors If That’s too hard To Maintain?

cleaning shower door

No doubt, we have to carefully handle shower doors but they offer a bundle of benefits. These benefits force us to install shower doors for convenience, such as;

     - Shower doors are easier to clean than

     - You can have a spacious bathroom with the help of a shower door.

     - It can brighten up your small bathroom and let it appear luxe.

     - There is a bundle of styling and design options to make your bathroom a comfortable space and modern.

     - Shower doors add to the aesthetics of your bathroom.

Why Do Shower Doors Need To Clean?

Usually, hard water approaches us through our pipelines and you must be knowing that hard water leaves stains on the surface. Hard water has a high amount of minerals that leave spots upon drying. And, on glass shower doors, these water spots are more visible. So, due to the daily interaction with moisture and water, shower doors get stains. Also, we can see soap scums on the glass door, which really make it look NOT so good. So, they needed to be cleaned almost daily.

Tips To Maintain Shower Doors

cleaning tips

The Glass Should Have A Protective Coating On It

worker holding glass carefully

If you’re planning to buy or replace a shower door with the new one, prefer choosing the glass with a protective coating. Many manufacturers give you this option, and it helps to maintain the glass. The glass panels with the coating will simplify the task of cleaning and protect the surface from scratches.

Choose Shatterproof Glass

Shatterproof Glass

One of the main things to consider before purchasing a shower door is; buy shatterproof glass.

As you know, glass material is more likely to break, so choose the stronger shower door. Find it difficult? Let’s mention the strongest glass panels that you can easily install as your shower doors to avoid shattering. Two types of glass panels are the harder and sturdy materials among glass:

Laminated Glass

Laminated Glass

Normally, laminated glass is used to protect the space from any danger as it is the strongest glass ever. Shower doors made with laminate glass have fewer chances to shatter and even if they break, their broken pieces don’t scatter. How does this magic happen? Because this sort of glass is manufactured by laminating the two glass sheets with a resin sheet. So, whenever the laminated glass breaks, it doesn’t scatter.

Tempered Glass

Tempered Glass

On the other hand, tempered glass is 4 times stronger than ordinary glass which means it is sturdy enough to resist shattering. Tempered glass is too hard to break, and when it happens it leaves small and un-harmful broken pieces. Both these types of glass are the best options for shower doors, so you don’t need to worry about its shattering and time-to-time maintenance.

Keep It Scum Free And Clean

cleaning glass wall with sponge and gloves in hand

Use a ready-made glass cleaner or DIY cleaning solution to keep the shower doors clean and scum-free. You can opt for this DIY method of preparing glass cleaning solutions and cleaning the shower door.

     - Take 1/4th of vinegar and mix it with 3/4th portion of water.

     - Mix this mixture well and add it to a spray bottle.

     - Now, spray it over the shower door, thoroughly and let it sit for 3-4 minutes.

     - Take a piece of fiber cloth and scrub the door gently until its shine is recovered.

Note: Use this mixture every 3 days, it’s simple to make and use.

Leave The Door Open After A Shower

bathroom glass partition walls

Whenever you are done with the shower, leave the door open. This act will allow the air to circulate and protect your shower doors from building mildew. Also, another important thing is to try keeping the door open whenever it isn’t in use.

Use Proper Cleaning Tools

cleaning tools

You can’t clean your shower door with any normal cloth or other appliance. Try to use proper tools otherwise, you can’t get the shiny surface of your shower door back. For this purpose, you can use a squeegee, sponge, or fiber cloth.

Switch Cleaning Soaps

cleaning sponge and soap

One of the other reasons to get soap scum on the shower door is the use of soap for cleaning purposes. In order to clean the glass surface, prefer something that comes in liquid form. Like liquid glass cleaning solutions or homemade vinegar or lemon solutions.

Summing Up!

The frequent shattering of a glass or other maintenance is ill-feeling. Try buying laminated or tempered shatterproof shower doors. Also, don’t forget to do these simple and important daily hacks to maintain your shower door. Prefer using DIY glass cleaners which are free from any harmful chemicals.

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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