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Should You Follow Bedroom Design Trends?

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Roberto Nickson (Cover image)

You might find different bedroom designs as you go through lifestyle magazines and websites. It's also tempting to give them a shot, especially because of how they look in photos. Design experts may explain certain trends and why they're worth doing. If you intend to redecorate your bedroom, should you follow these trends?

Benefits of following the trends

The best part about doing your bedroom as suggested by the experts is you have a guide. You won’t start from scratch. You will also get options on how to achieve the desired looks. Moreover, you know what the final results would be like based on the pictures. You won't keep yourself in the dark and feel surprised that the results aren't as good as you wish.

Another benefit of following the trend is that you can be proud of the room's appearance. It's even better if you're decorating a guest bedroom. Tell your guests the trends you followed to improve the place. It's like buying the latest phone model. You can brag about what you have because it's what many people have these days.

Speaking of trends, you might want to consider customised furniture like the options provided by My Fitted Bedrooms. The good thing about it is you choose every detail. It will fit your bedroom like a glove. It also matches the overall theme you desire to achieve.

bedroom with skylight Bedroom skylight idea: Room full of stars by Amin Moazzen

A few downsides

The downside of following trends is forcing yourself to copy every detail. You might even go beyond the budget since you want everything to look alike. Sometimes, the furniture or accessories featured on the trend aren’t available locally. If you ship them from other places, you will spend more. The solution is to look for alternatives. You can still get a similar look in the end, even with a few alterations.

Another downside is the quick pace of trend changes. You might be glad that you have the latest design, but things could change quickly. You don't want to keep spending money on new designs because the previous trends went out of style. It will only be a problem if you force yourself to follow these trends at all times. Then, when you feel good about the choice you made, you can stick to it for a while.

Be smart

It’s up to you to determine whether or not you will follow these trends. As long as you’re happy with the decision, it’s good enough. You can also mix and match different design ideas until you find a unique blend.

Consider how much you're willing to spend, too. Don't go beyond the budget if you have to decorate other areas at home. On the other hand, if you believe the design trends are too pricey, look for other options. You may also work with interior designers since they understand what will make your bedroom look better than it is. They also have connections with furniture stores. Thus, they can help you get a discounted price when buying a specific item to match your preferred design.

By Liliana Alvarez

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