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Preventing Vaping & Other Smoke Problems in a Building: 7 Tips & Tricks

Written by:
Allen Brown
Aleksandar Pasaric

Smoke-related problems can be a huge headache for property managers and landlords. Not only is it a fire hazard, but it can also be difficult to get rid of the smell. This blog post will discuss some tips and tricks that will help you prevent vaping and smoke-related problems in your building!

Install A Detector 

Having a system that will alert you about this kind of misbehavior is a great addition. Lots of administrators are getting vape detectors for schools ensuring no student can do this on campus unnoticed. By installing one, you can prevent and detect vaping or smoking in the building quickly and easily. 

These detectors are designed to alert you when they sense vapor that's produced when someone is using an e-cigarette or other device. Installing one of these devices into your building will enable it to detect any of these from occurring. Once the sensors go off, an alarm will sound, alerting you to take action. 

Get Some Cameras 

A well-positioned CCTV camera, or several can be one of the best deterrents to vaping and other smoke in a building. A camera can provide helpful evidence if it’s necessary to take action against anyone caught vaping, including issuing warnings and fines. 

When getting cameras for your building, consider what type of coverage you need. For example, do you need to be able to monitor the whole building or just certain areas? It is also important to consider where the cameras should be positioned for maximum effect. 

It’s also a good idea to make sure the cameras have adequate audio recording capabilities, as well as video footage so that any evidence can clearly show what was happening and who was involved. Depending on the size of your building, getting several cameras and positioning them strategically can give you a good level of coverage. 

Set Clear Rules 

Schools and businesses are public places and the owner has the right to set the rules on anything. When it comes to vaping or smoking, these should be the following:

     Age restrictions

     No smoking or vaping indoors

     No vaping on school property (including parking lots)

     No selling or purchasing any form of e-cigarettes or vaping products

These rules should be made clear to everyone. Setting and enforcing strict no-smoking or vaping policies, it will help keep everyone safe and protect those who don't wish to be exposed to second-hand smoke.


Organize a campaign talking about the dangers of vaping and smoking. Have posters, brochures, and presentations for everyone to access. Make sure that all members of the building are aware of potential risks and how they can affect their well-being. 

Even if someone doesn't vape or smoke, educating them will help prevent others from doing the same when they visit or might even talk to their family and friends about why it's not allowed. 

Lead By Example 

Set a good example for vaping and smoking, especially if the building is used as a school. Make sure that all of the staff and any visitors to the building are aware of your policy on smoking, vaping, and other smoke-related activities. It is important to be consistent in your enforcement of the policy and leading by example can help prevent people from breaking it in the first place. 

If you're doing this, people will take notice and be more likely to follow your example. If someone does try to vape or smoke in the building, speak to them in a calm and friendly manner and explain why it's not allowed. 

Provide Healthy Alternatives 

A no-smoking policy doesn't mean that people won't feel the urge to smoke, so try helping them compensate by providing healthy alternatives. This could come in the form of snacks such as fresh fruits and vegetables, or offering activities like yoga classes or meditation workshops. 

By providing these options, employees who are used to smoking will be able to satisfy the urge without having to go against your policy. Creating a culture of health can also help people find healthier solutions to relieve stress, which can help them enjoy their work more and improve overall productivity. 

Have A Designated Smoking Area

You should also set a designated smoking area away from your building or property. This is a great way to ensure that vaping and other types of smoke are not in the vicinity of your building. Not having a designated smoking area can lead to people smoking near windows, doors, etc., which can be detrimental to those who cannot handle smoke and its odor. 

smoke detectorimage © kalhh

If you're against smoking or vaping, you should prevent it from happening on your premises, no matter if these are schools or businesses. Install a detector along with a CCTV system to alert you of any wrongdoings and set clear rules about this. Educate others and lead by example with the goal to get everyone to either quit or cut down while they're in your building. Finally, you should provide them with healthy alternatives and a designated smoking area! 

By Liliana Alvarez

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