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How To Prepare Your Chimney for an Inspection Appointment

Written by:
Felicia Priedel
Uwe Conrad

Chimney and fireplace inspections are necessary to prevent house fires and ensure your structure’s integrity and safety. However, to make this process easier for the fireplace technician, you should prepare your chimney for this inspection appointment. Consider taking the steps below to ensure your home is ready for a chimney sweep!

Ensure Full Access to Your Fireplace

Are there any toys, rugs, or random objects currently blocking the entrance to your fireplace? When the technician arrives at your home, they shouldn’t need to dodge a bunch of obstacles to gain entry to your fireplace. Ensure you’re making the job easier for them by clearing anything blocking the entrance to your fireplace so the technician has full access to inspect the cavity during the appointment.

Avoid Lighting a Fire 24–48 Hours Before the Appointment

Because the technician needs to crawl inside your fireplace to inspect the inside of your chimney, the structure needs to be cool to the touch for it to be safe for inspection. To avoid the flue reaching hot temperatures, do not light a fire inside for at least 24 to 48 hours before your appointment. To prevent the temptation of starting a fire, remove the grate, any tools you use, and firewood from inside and around the fireplace. This also ensures the fireplace is empty for the technician.

Set Aside Decorative Elements

Your mantel likely has a few knickknacks or decorative elements. Prepare your chimney for an inspection appointment by setting aside these elements in a safe space so the professional can efficiently clean and sweep your chimney. Accidents can occur, and you would rather your pictures and trinkets be safe from harm during the appointment than risk them breaking or becoming damaged.

Prepare Questions & Concerns

Knowing how often you need a chimney inspection can help you prepare for this appointment. But it’s also a great idea to write down any questions or concerns you may have about your structure beforehand. When a professional chimney inspector comes to your house, take advantage of this opportunity to ask any and all questions. That way, you ensure you have peace of mind about the structure’s integrity once the technician leaves. It’s also important to note that if you have significant concerns about the chimney, like water leakage or other damage, you shouldn’t wait for the next yearly appointment. Call your service provider immediately to keep your home safe.

House fires are not uncommon among homeowners with a fireplace, so an inspection or chimney sweep appointment is necessary. Provide your fireplace technician with a better space to work by preparing for the appointment a few days beforehand. Remember to clear away objects from both inside and around the fireplace, don’t light a fire for 24–48 hours before, and write down any questions or concerns you might have. Are you ready for your appointment?

By Liliana Alvarez

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