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How to Make Your Dorm the Perfect Study Space

Written by:
Lily Greenwood
Norbert Levajsics

Many students prefer to go out to study. Indeed, you have an option to sit in the library or cafe and focus on reading or writing. Some students say they concentrate better in noisy places. For others, it is not the case for various reasons. 

Your studying style depends on how you are used to approaching your assignments. You may be a chaotic type, the one who does everything at once and succeeds with it. Some people cannot proceed with homework if there’s no perfect silence and right atmosphere around them. You might want to build your own fortress of solitude without leaving your dorm room when you don’t have time to commute to the local library or a separate room.

Your dorm room is a place where you come to rest and relax after a hectic day. It is easier to prepare your tests and find an ideal paper edit method only when you feel safe and sound. However, it is recommended to have a separate place where you would sit and study. Studies show that reading in your bed can decrease your attention span.

Of course, you can read and stay in bed. But it is important to trick your mind into the most productive mode. Don’t worry! Creating the perfect space in your dorm room can be as cheap as moving your furniture around. On the other hand, having gadgets that help you is a big advantage.

Be Minimalist With Your Stuff

You probably learned that minimalism was the movement in sculpture and writing in post-War Western arts. Nowadays, minimalism is popular as a lifestyle and a concept in interior design. It is all about getting rid of an abundance of things you don’t need. Minimalism in design also creates the sense of more spacious spaces, with lots of light, functional furniture, and ways to combine colors and shapes.

Of course, it doesn’t mean you need to deny your own tastes and throw away decor that you love. It is more about reimagining what you have and keeping only crucial things in sight. Students with ADHD will also agree that having everything in their seeing range is quite distracting. If you have a large collection of cosmetics or games, tidying them will result in a clean desk that motivates you to work.  

Clearing your space from small things redirects your focus in the right direction. You can also divide your dorm room into sections and distinguish between your “fun zone” and “studying space.” If you share the desk with your roommate, create rules about keeping the space minimalist. 

Air Your Room

Sometimes daily airing of your room is not as obvious as it may be. No one has time to check the air quality, especially in the dormitory. However, airtight rooms can have a negative impact on your mental and physical health. 

The most common symptoms because of bad ventilation are:

     - Respiratory diseases; 

     - Allergy-related conditions; 

     - Low immunity; 

     - Poor concentration; 

     - Discomfort.

So, you should air the room at least once a day. Having indoor plants can also significantly improve your quality of studying. Plants are a cute design option that reduces pollution and creates a more beneficial microclimate in the dorm. 

At the same time, you should pay attention to the room conditions. If there are risks of mold or any other aspect that impacts the ventilation, smell, or anything else, you need to contact administration. Don’t try to deal with mold or rust with air fresheners or essential oils because your health is a top priority. It is important to deal with the cause, not the consequences of the problem.

Get Good Lighting

In a room that is airtight and dim, no wonder you want to sleep all the time. It shouldn’t be a problem to get rid of dusty window furnishing and find an alternative to it. The furnishing should be easy to get access to natural light and have privacy in the evening. Most dorms are designed to have windows facing parks or clear spaces. 

It is good to set your working station near the window so you get to comfortably use your laptop or tablet without light glares on the screen. You should also invest in a good desk lamp, which should be affordable for any student. Lighting is everything, and you need to care for your eyesight health and don’t study in darkness. 

Minimize Distractions

So, you managed your desk, got rid of everything that might take your attention away, and you have your roommate back. It goes without question to leave everything and chat with them. However, try to create rules to stick to. No heart to hard chats with your roommate or twitter checking before you finish that reading section.

If you live in a pet-friendly dormitory, create a space for your pets that won’t interfere with your study sessions. Of course, it is nice to have a study break to spend time with your gecko or play with a hamster. Yet, their presence in close proximity to the study space shouldn’t be an excuse to get distracted every five minutes. Even if it’s impossible sometimes, you must finish that assignment first. 

Noise-Canceling Headphones Are Still a Thing

Even if you are not in a public space and made a deal with your roommate, you can’t control your neighbors. Most people won’t compromise their party in favor of your study hours, or outside noise may be too overwhelming for you. This is when noise-canceling headphones come in handy. It is important to buy a model that won’t cause you discomfort and be within your budget. 


Your dorm is your fortress while you are studying. Therefore, it is important to make it a place where you can feel comfortable and safe. In many cases, if your room doesn’t allow you to experiment with setting a separate space for studying, you can ask the administration for a more spacious one. 

You shouldn’t feel anxious to make changes because your success depends on these aspects. And if you feel overwhelmed with making a great redesign, start with baby steps. 

By Liliana Alvarez

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