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A Guide to the Latest Trends in Decorative Concrete Floors

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Maahi Queen

Concrete is an eco-friendly, durable, and low-maintenance flooring option that's worth considering for any room of a home or business. However, you may not realize that with the right style and design, it can look amazing as well.

These days, there are many design options available for concrete flooring. With decorative concrete floors, you can create a winning floor design that will add texture and interest to any space.

Be sure to consider these modern trends for decorative concrete floors when planning your next project.

Concrete Staining

One of the biggest trends in decorative concrete flooring is staining. Stained concrete can add a stunning look to a concrete floor and give it a big upgrade.

Acid-based concrete stains and non-reactive water-based stains can both offer a magnificent look to concrete floors and transform them by providing additional texture and depth. You can combine multiple types of staining to provide a striking contrast.

Stamped Faux Stone

If you would like to add a touch of elegance to your home, using a textured faux stone design can be a great option. Concrete can be stamped or stained to make it look like another material such as stone, offering an amazing natural appearance. Stamped indentations can make it look very authentic.

In addition to stone, stamped concrete can also be made to look like real wood as well. It does a great job of giving a rustic look to a room and can work well for the right home aesthetic.

Stenciled Visuals

Also popular in concrete designs today is stenciling. Many homeowners and businesses are using stenciling to add unique designs and geometric patterns to flooring. It can also be used to add a graphic or logo when installing new flooring.

A stenciled design can help to create a focal point for a concrete floor and can work well for a business floor or any floor that needs to make a big statement. If you're a contractor, you may want to learn more about this style and others with professional classes. Consider taking decorative concrete training classes in Chicago to learn more about modern concrete designs.

Mosaic Tile Designs

These days, many homeowners are making use of mosaic concrete tiles to create impressive designs in their homes. These designs can work well in the living room, kitchen, bathroom, or other rooms.

There are endless options when it comes to tile designs but mosaics can give a fresh look to a space. It allows for some much-needed differentiation and can help create more interest in a room. Tile will never go out of style and it remains a great trend in decorative concrete floors today.

Designing Decorative Concrete Floors

If you want to make use of decorative concrete floors, consider any of the design trends listed here. Stained concrete, stamped faux stone, stenciled designs, and tile mosaics are all great options to consider.

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By Liliana Alvarez

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