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How To Design A Smart Home: A Detailed Guide

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Allen Brown
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New technologies came with a quest of integrating them in every possible sphere of our lives and the construction of smart homes became quite a trend lately. Most people are trying to build their own version of the smart home and make the home functioning easier. This varies from having your personalized voice assistant controlling some devices in your home to having whole systems, such as heating systems, functioning by a single button press. So if you want to make your home smart and even have your own program controlling all the devices in your home with just a tap on the screen, here is a detailed guide on how to design your smart home.

Smart Home Systems 

There are whole systems, made in the form of the phone application that enable you to control all the smart devices in your homes such as air conditioning and heating systems, to some easier operations such as the washing machine, lights, and sound. All you need is a personalized app that will have all of your smart devices connected so that you can have complete control over them. Automated homes can be controlled from the insides and outside your home, where all the electrical devices can be actually connected. Systems such as HVAC, music systems, smart lighting, security and CCTV, and some other things such as WiFi and networks are automated with a single click. When you are looking for a perfect smart home system, you must be aware of your own needs and how you are going to use these operations. And the first thing that you must ask yourself is whether your home is suitable for this system and can you manage it? In addition, you can create videos of your own smart home, add text into video and thus make it much easier to understand how a particular function works.

smart home with green roofA Smart Passive House with Green Roof in Moscow, Russia by Snegiri Architects

Having smart homes is the trend these days. You need to consider management aspects of owning and renting out properties besides various technological advancements in smart home design. That’s where landlord property management software comes in to streamline the property management processes and enhance the overall tenant experience. The software helps in automating the tasks like rent collection, lease management, and maintenance requests. And don't forget about best security camera with local storage to protect your property. Property owners can effectively manage their properties by incorporating landlord software in their smart home strategy, which leads to optimizing their overall operations.

Smart Lighting and Audio Systems 

Lighting is one of the most important parts of every home and it must be taken seriously when building your smart home since it is an entry point of your home. There is a whole variety of contemporary, smart lighting systems available on the market. A great number of smart lighting systems work perfectly fine without a central hub and are completely capable of communicating with other smart devices such as speakers or displays. These lighting systems can be connected either with WiFi or Bluetooth so that all the lights in your home can be controlled from your phone or tablet. 

There is a whole range of different audio systems from the different manufacturers that make sophisticated multi-room speaker systems. This can help you connect your speakers via streaming websites such as Spotify and Deezer.

Heating Systems 

One of the greatest perks of having a smart home is definitely an automated heating system. To be clear, the thing you are starting with is a smart thermostat that has the ability to ensure you both, comfort and lower power bills. The thing about smart homes is that it is a great initial investment that eventually pays itself off. The possibilities and benefits of these devices are numerous and go far beyond establishing heating and cooling of your home when you anticipate your own arrival so that you are met by the pleasant temperature. You can control them through an app, and also they are smart themselves. Since smart homes are all about sensors, they can detect your presence at home and activate the heating or cooling systems, and make systems such as HVAC operate when it is needed. It's important to get a professional heating and cooling company to install these systems, as faulty installations can cause damage to the property and be dangerous to the residents. 

smart home in Europe Villa Sophia – smart home with artificial intelligence by COLL COLL

Smart CCTV and Home Bells 

Security is the top priority of your residence and you must keep a watchful eye on your home. The greatest thing is that these smart cameras can be set inside and outside of your house, and you can stay connected with them at all times so you can keep track of every small change in your home and preserve all of the information and recordings on the cloud and memory cards. Another layer of security is the home bells with the camera integrated. Some of these function with the sensors so that the pathway is illuminated with the presence of every object in motion. These bells also come with a LED screen where you can see a person waiting in front of your door or gate. 

Smart homes became a technical demand because of the great electronic boom where homes slowly started to move towards complete automation. Depending on your budget, there are different upgrades you can make so that your home is operated through apps, and there are also different levels of automation ranging from the partial to the ultimate ones. 

By Liliana Alvarez

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