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How to Combine High-Tech Design with Cats

Written by:
Floyd Green
YoonJae Baik

If someone was able to invent and design the pet petter, a device for petting your pets, and this happened a long time ago, who knows what other genius inventions people are destined to come up with now?

When we have new tech available and artificial intelligence to help us, we can come up with other great high-tech things for our pets. So, this one is for cat lovers, here’s how we can combine high-tech design with cats.

High-Tech Cat DNA Tools

There are a ton of neat things that have been invented for analyzing cat DNA, their overall health, and telling you what your cat is like inside and out. With these technological advancements, other tools help us learn a lot about our cat’s DNA:

PCR Machines: These machines amplify specific sequences of DNA from samples. This means certain genetic markers are amplified to identify the breed, health, and other traits.

Bioinformatics Software: This is the software that goes along with hardware that’s used for interpreting DNA. We can use it to identify genetic variations, and even assess certain health risks within our cats.

Next-Generation Sequencing Platforms: These platforms, can sequence an entire genome. It’s the most comprehensive way of studying the DNA of our favorite pets, used for scientific purposes as well.

DNA Microarrays: This is when you want to analyze multiple samples at once. It’s something that can be used when studying the ancestry of your cat’s breed.

Health Monitoring for Cats

Another combination of high-tech design and cats are health monitoring devices for these beautiful pets. We all care about the welfare of our companions, and we want to know if they’re healthy or not at all times:

Smart collars: These are pretty much what you’d expect, collars that track the vital signs and activities of your cat. They might track their body temperature, their heart rate, or other things. You can also sync them to your phones.

Smart feeders: When you have automated feeding, you can rest assured that the cat is not going to get thick unless you want it to. But, you’ll also be able to track the eating habits of your cat.

Pet cameras: This is a neat monitoring device that can help you track what your cat is doing around the house, but it can also help you identify unusual behavior and see what might be wrong.

Activity trackers: There are typically activity trackers in the smart collars we already mentioned. However, these are also standalone devices that can track the overall well-being of the cat by monitoring their sleep and awake activities.

Interactive High-Tech Cat Environment

When you want every day to be a truly pleasurable day for your cat, you try to make their environment as interactive as possible. Apart from petting them, and dedicating your free time to play with them, you can mount displayed on your wall.

These displays will have moving images, perhaps of other animals that cats love, e.g. birds, insects, or something else your pet can pretend to hunt. There’s also a possibility to implement interactive games where you can put up touchscreens instead of regular displays.

Of course, all this wouldn’t be good without any sound effects. It just makes everything much better when you play the sound of birds chirping while your cat runs around, also making your environment a much more natural one.

If you boost all of this with interactive sensors, then you’re just designing a high-tech environment for your cat on a much higher level. These sensors are there to trigger interactive elements so that no energy is wasted when you’re pets are not there.

You should also think about customizing the display according to the interests of your cat. Check whether your cat likes their animations to be faster or slower, check different themes for your cat, and you can even schedule play sessions throughout your day.


There are plenty of ways to combine high-tech design with cats. We’ve chosen to focus on technology, and the most advancements you can notice are in DNA research. But there are some great feats achieved in monitoring your favorite pet’s health and activity.

By Liliana Alvarez

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