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What to Think About When Redesigning Your Kitchen

Written by:
Liliana Alvarez

Designing a new kitchen for your home is an exciting project, but it isn't without its complications and important considerations. It is one thing to be captivated by the beautiful photographs of indulgent and lavish kitchen designs online and in magazines, but it is quite another to be faced with the months of planning and construction, designing, and decorating. Of course, when the project is over, you can enjoy the new space in peace, but there are some points you should think about before and throughout your planning stage. Here are a few of the main considerations to take into account if you want to achieve the best results.


A kitchen without adequate storage is a very difficult place to get anything done. Without enough space to house your culinary equipment and food, how can you expect to make full use of the room for its intended purpose? Cooking and sharing meals should be an enjoyable process, which means taking the time to think about how best to store and access all your items so they can be found intuitively and seamlessly.

Layout and Flow

Kitchens are an essential part of a home and therefore contain many integral components, such as plumbing, electricity, and gas supply. Sometimes, this means that rearranging your kitchen layout to suit your design preferences can be difficult since certain obstacles can get in the way. A custom kitchen remodel might be the solution to your layout problems, in which you can discuss with a professional how best to reconfigure the flow of the room without unnecessarily disrupting the important parts.


How you choose to light a space can make a significant difference to the mood and atmosphere of the room. Think carefully about how you want to feel in your new kitchen and consider which type of lighting would best match that feeling. Do you want to feel energetic and awake while eating breakfast? Opt for bright, natural light with large windows or sun tunnels. Would you prefer a more subdued and restful atmosphere to enjoy late-night snacks? Choose smaller, warmer lights dotted around the room. Pay attention to wattage, bulb size, and lampshades to construct a more detailed and effective lighting scheme.


One of the funnest parts of redesigning your kitchen is getting to choose all the fixtures and fittings that make it unique. Do you want paint, wallpaper, or tiles on the walls? What kind of flooring do you think would look best while being practical? Little details such as the shape of your cupboard handles and the style of your kitchen sink will all contribute to the overall effect, so make sure you choose what you like best and be considerate of what looks good together and what doesn't.

Personal Practicality

Not everyone uses a kitchen in the same way. Some people reserve it as a space strictly for preparing food whereas others also eat, work, and unwind in their kitchen. Think about how you want to use this room and incorporate this purpose into your designs.

By Liliana Alvarez

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