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How Can Highway Noise Be Reduced?

Written by:
Mark Johnson
Denys Nevozhai

If you reside in a city then and you are bound to have a noise pollution problem in your area. This can be not very pleasant because you cannot relax during the day or night time whenever you want to have calm and peaceful time inside your home. But there are some things that you can do to prevent those sounds from coming inside your home through your home Windows.

In this article, we are going to discuss how can highway noise be reduced in rooms. So keep on wearing to find out more information below about noise barriers.

Tips To Soundproof The Windows

Window Examination

Windows are the main sources of noise pollution inside homes because there Breakup the composition of the walls. If you want to reduce the amount of sound that comes into your home, then you will have to suspect the windows in your room. You can do this by finding out whether the caulk around your window is sealed properties or not. If the glass on your Windows vibrates, then it can add to the noise pollution in your home.

Suspect The Walls Of Your Home

Suspect and examine the walls of the home that you are living in. If the walls of your home are extremely thin, then this issue is bigger than having window issues.

Airtight Sealant

You can use an airtight seal and prevent the amount of airflow under your home during the day and night time. This way, the vacuum gap in the center will be filled, and it will not be allowed the noise to transfer through the panes of your windows inside your home.

Plants And Shrubs

If you do not want to get into the more complicated stuff and not have a lot of time on your hands and you can go with this solution. You can easily create a barrier between your home and sound waves by using tall shrubs installation. Make sure that you plant that all shrubs between the road and your home. Not only the leafy greens will make your house look better, but it will prevent noise pollution in your home as well.


You can minimize the amount of sound that enters your home by the installation of a fenced line outside your home and backyard. This solution will not eliminate the noise, but it will reduce it to a great extent. That is because the sound can still travel over the fence, but it will have much less strength as compared to before the installation of this fence.

White Noise

You can create your white Noise solution and resolve the problem of noise pollution in your home. This can be done after the installation of a decorative fountain waterfall in your backyard. The pleasant sound of the waterfall will cover up the noise pollution that comes from the street. The sound of the waterfall will be easier on your ears as compared to the sound of high traffic.

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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