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Home improvements to cover before moving into a new house

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Peeper Vines
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You bought a new home and are all set to move into it. While the top-rated movers at movingfeedback.com can make the relocation process easier, there is a lot more to do for you as the homeowner.

There will be a never-ending list of things to do but what remains on top priority is ensuring the safety of the home. Some home improvement projects help you make a haven for your family. However, these home improvements should be carried out before you move into the new house.

So, if you are in for saving some time, money and effort, here are some amazing home improvement ideas that you must try before moving to your new house.

Work on the locks

First and foremost, you should change the locks in your new home. Call a professional locksmith and change all the locks in the house, if there is any security system installed, change the codes and inform the company of the changes. This move is very important as someone might have a spare key to your home and might attempt a burglary or break-in. this is important to keep your family and belongings safe at all times.

Take off the popcorn ceiling

If you have moved into an old house, you might find a popcorn ceiling which is an outdated trend now, to make your home look modern, you must remove the ceiling. Additionally, popcorn ceilings may have asbestos hence, removing it is very important, call a professional or try removing it on your own.

Repaint the interior and exterior (if required)

To create a more personal space and add comfort to your surroundings, it is recommended to paint the house inside and outside. A fresh coat of paint can make any space newer and remove signs of aging. Moreover, it is a lot easier to paint an empty room than a room full of belongings, hence, experts suggest painting the room before you move into your new home.

The same rule applies to the exterior as well. You can choose a color of your choice and paint the outer walls to get a fresh look.

Make more storage space

No, this does not mean you should start working on making new cupboards. But you can add shelves and rods to your existing wardrobes to create more space. Introducing shoe trees is an excellent example of expanding storage space. You can work on kitchen cabinets and make more shelves and similarly add new shelves, preferably the ones that go up to the ceiling to make more space in the pantry.

Check the MEP layout

MEP stands for the Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing aspects of the building, if you have bought a pre-owned home, it is important to check the MEP layout. Most of the time it is a part of the property assessment process done while evaluating a property. However, if you want to make your home more functional, hire an MEP consultant and ask them to check for electrical and plumbing upgrades.

Its time for a new flooring

Want to change the look of the space and make it more functional, choose the right flooring. A new home would have the latest flooring installed, but if it is a pre-owned home, the flooring might have sustained damage from the use. The moving out process itself leaves the carpet and the flooring damaged. So, check for the damages and remove the old flooring.

Check the fencing

If there is fencing around the house, it’s good. Check it for stability and get your peace of mind. However, if there is no fencing, you must install one. You can create an additional layer of protection for your family and at the same time enhance the curb appeal.

It is calculated that houses with fencing get a higher price in the market when listed for sale.

Do pest control

Last but not the least, hire a professional to do pest control at your house, you never know what invaders are hiding in the corners and basement of your house. Pest control experts would eliminate any types of bugs, mice, rodents, or other pests and make the home safe and secure for your family.

Once you are done with all these home improvements, focus on your moving process and have a safe move.

By Liliana Alvarez

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