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Funky Homes Made Out of Grain Bins

Written by:
Daniel Cristoper
Terri Glanger

We’ve started to see some creative home concepts in today’s world. These concepts have led to some funky homes made out of grain bins. The motivation has come from the desire to live a greener lifestyle that is healthier for the environment. As a result, many people are choosing to repurpose old stuff rather than throw it away. Creative homes are just one of the many effects.

Newer generations continue to take over farmland so it’s no surprise that we’re seeing new concepts being displayed. Much of this land contains structures that haven’t been used for years so rather than having it torn down and hauled away as scrap, new owners are transforming those old silos and grain bins into storage sheds and guest houses. Architects are brought in to show off their creative chops by designing some really cool homes using these old structures.

Grain Bin Homes aren’t Just Sleek, They are Beneficial

While unconventional, building a home from a grain bin comes with a lot of different benefits. Let’s explore some of those before moving on.

The most obvious benefit is that building a home from a grain bin is cheaper than buying a conventional home. This is the main motivation behind most of the grain bin homes we see. Of course, their eco-friendly nature is a close second in motivational factors. Many of these homes are built using repurposed grain silos. However, even using a brand new grain silo can be an environmentally friendly option when you comparing it to the materials required to build a traditional home.

Silo homes are also energy efficient since they can easily be outfitted with top quality insulation. This adds to its environmentally-friendly nature while also lowering the owner’s electricity bill.

These homes are also incredibly easy to build and maintain when compared to traditional homes. Combine all of these benefits and it’s no wonder so many cool grain silo homes are popping up in the world.

Three Funky Homes Made Out of Grain Bins

Let’s look at three of the coolest homes made out of grain bins.

A Cozy Home

This cozy home was built in Phoenix – the Garfield Historical District to be exact. The silo was built back in 1955 and transformed into a marvelous home with 340 square feet of living space. Cristoph took its unique shape and created an interesting look both inside and out. This silo was converted from a cold, empty metal silo into a clever two-story home. Simply one of the best designs we’ve ever seen.

A Full Home Using Three Silos

This innovative design incorporates three silos into the heart of a modern home, giving it all of the appeal of a traditional home without all of those wasted materials. The metal was framed and then insulated with foam to make it energy efficient. What makes this even more amazing is the fact that this 500-square foot home houses two families. The owners live on one side and their daughter and son-in-law live on the other side. This silo home is capped off with a garage right in the middle.

Silo Home Transformed into Bread & Breakfast

This home takes innovative thinking to a whole new level. Abbey Road Farm is a popular bread & breakfast right in the middle of wine country. Of course, a lot of work was put into the surroundings too but the home itself is built using silos. What’s more is that its origins are just as much a selling point as the home itself!

Innovation at Its Finest

As you can see, the human spirit is full of creative energy just waiting to be explored. These funky homes made out of grain bins are a prime example that when ingenuity meets a minimalist mindset, anything is possible!

By Liliana Alvarez

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