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Four High-Paying Side Gigs for Architecture Students

Written by:
Mike Walker

You’re studying hard to become an architect, and you’re dreaming about designing big business buildings or elaborate mansions. Those dreams are probably a thing that all architecture students have in common. But there are other things that all architecture…or, to be more precise, all students have in common. Paying tuition, rent, and dealing with student loans. 

This inevitably leaves you searching for a job that will provide you with enough income to satisfy those not worthy of dreaming things students have in common. And you start searching for jobs that can help you. The first things that will pop up in your mind are probably the same things you will find when looking for jobs for students:

     - Bartender;

     - Waiter;

     - Shop Assistant;

     - Teaching Assistant;

     - Customer Care Agent.

They don’t look that impressive for one particular reason. If you’re good at writing essays, you can try applying for jobs at services like Writemy essay service, but still not that impressive. And the problem is not that you don’t want to waste your time writing essays for others. Writing essays, as well as serving food and drinks, receiving calls and emails, and helping buyers, is in no way related to architecture. 

You are passionate about architecture. That’s what you’re dreaming about. And it’s better when a side gig you’d take has something to do with architecture. Still, you can be absolutely okay with the standard set of odd jobs that will cover your student loans. After all, you’re trying something different. 

But if you want to have an architecture-related side gig, check the options listed below. 

Create an Architecture-Related Blog/YouTube Channel/Podcast

You can have a creative way of generating a stable income. You are truly passionate about architecture, and surely you can talk about it for hours. Furthermore, you can get paid for talking about your favorite subject. And as the topic of architecture is extremely wide, there are so many things you can disclose in your blog, YouTube channel, or podcast.

You can talk about the greatest architectural achievements of humanity. Delve into biographies of famous architects. Make videos about the disasters caused by the mistakes of architects. Make podcasts about architecture-related horror stories. Or, in a more restrained way, you can blog, vlog, or podcast about the current trends in architecture. You can also give advice to prospective architecture students. 

To support your income from the blog, podcast, or YouTube channel, check out the sponsorship or affiliate marketing options. If you decide to try compiling architecture-related horror stories for a YouTube video, keep in mind that you may get demonetized, as YouTube is not that kind to the horror genre. In cases like that, sponsorship will secure your income. 

Sell Your Designs or House Plans

This concept for architects is fantastic. This is a possibility you might want to think about if you have created plans and drawings but never had them built or put into action. By promoting and selling your work online, you can make money by leveraging what you’ve learned. There are various websites that may sell your plan for over $1000, which is a pretty good passive income. 

But instead of using sites that already exist for such purposes, you can create your personal. Create a simple online store and offer your blueprints for sale straight to interested customers. To get started, all you require is a laptop, an HD camera, and an Internet connection. 

Then you’ll require help from a web developer and graphic designer. Yes, that may balloon the budget a bit, but it’s worthwhile. As an architect, selling your plans and drawings is quite profitable. And as you can see, it’s not that difficult to implement. Then, you simply sell your plans online and earn from several hundred to several thousand bucks a month. 

Teach Online

Okay, this may raise eyebrows, as you’re still a student yourself. But aren’t there any things about architecture that you can help freshmen with? Like how to make sketches properly or something? Think about it. And if you’re an extremely talented student, surely you can help your peers succeed in things. 

Here we can slightly deviate from the core idea of the article and tell you that architecture is surely not your only talent. Maybe you know a foreign language, or you’re willing to help kids with math. You can do that online and earn pretty good money. But let’s get back to architecture: you can offer a simple basic architecture course for some online academies. 

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Try Architectural Consulting Services

By providing architectural consulting services between clients and vendors, you can generate passive money. The concept of architectural consulting services is an affiliate marketing of sorts. Basically, you’re serving as a middleman for suppliers and sellers of goods and services related to architecture, and you receive a commission. 

Some may call it a physical version of affiliate marketing, but you can easily do it online. Actually, it will serve you better if you do architectural consulting services online, as the Internet is the only expense you’re going to have. Moreover, as a student, doing it online won’t force you into cutting classes. So, how much can you make with this side gig? 

Offering consultancy services enables you to earn several thousand bucks a month, depending on the number of clients you have at any given time. Firstly, you need to establish reliable relationships with vendors and retailers. Then, you’ll start building your customer base. It’s not a flood of money from the very start, but you end up earning sustainable amounts.

Final Thoughts

So, here you have four side gigs that can help with covering your tuition, renting your apartment, and paying back your student loans. The most important thing is that you don’t have to do something unrelated to architecture. And if you launch a YouTube channel on architecture, who knows, maybe you won’t need to take any student loans at all.

By Liliana Alvarez

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