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8 More Can’t-Miss Ideas for Enhancing Your Summer / Fall Gardens

Written by:
Peter Costello (True Leaf Market)

1. Harnessing the Power of Cover Crops for Soil Health and Protection: Did you know that every year your or your readers’ vegetable plants draw vital nutrients from the soil, leaving it depleted and yearning for replenishment? No worries, True Leaf Market’s cover crops resources help serve as living mulch to shield soil from erosion, harsh winter elements and the damaging effects of bare gardens.

Legumes such as peas or clover are perfect for adding essential nutrients back into your soil to help ensure a bountiful spring garden! Additionally, cover crops can aid in the incessant fight against common weeds and pests. Brassicas such as mustard and radishes provide some of the best cover crop benefits for preventing pesky weeds from taking over your home garden.

True Leaf Market’s staff of expert horticulturalists have the knowledge and expertise to showcase the simplicity and value of planting and growing these crops to better protect gardeners’ beds, borders, raised beds, and even container gardens throughout the winter season. In fact, the True Leaf Market staff created a free cover crop guide to provide your readers with expert tips on growing cover crops, insights into selecting the right varieties for particular soil types, and a deeper understanding of their overall benefits for home gardeners everywhere!

Could you share the guide with your readers in an article or sidebar about cover crops? How about an interview or provided ideas or tips for your readers? Contact us, and we can coordinate engaging information and photos for you, or feel free to use the information and linked resources/ideas above.

2. The Perfect Crops to Cool Down from Summer: With fall just around the corner, we know that many editors, writers and bloggers are starting to plan for their fall gardening content now. True Leaf Market is here to assist with providing the scoop on the best vegetable seed varieties to sow for the fall as well as helpful tips and insights for reaping the best harvest for when the crisp autumn weather settles in. You can plant vegetables like leafy greens, root vegetables, peas, beans, and squash to enjoy during the fall and holiday seasons. Nothing beats a fresh harvest in time for Thanksgiving Day! – Contact me for articles, quotes, lists with brief tips, photos, etc.

3. Harvesting Supplies: Essential Tools and Techniques for a Bountiful Yield: Attain valuable insights into techniques, tools and strategies for producing a bountiful fall harvest from the expert horticulturalists at True Leaf Market. The team at True Leaf Market loves opportunities to enlighten expert and novice gardeners alike about the essential supplies and practices for maximizing their harvests. One bylined article from (or interview with) one of the degreed Horticulturists with True Leaf Market, and your readers can learn everything they need to optimize their autumn yields.

4. There’s Nothing Mild about these Late Summer and Fall Wildflowers: Embrace the vibrant colors and natural charm of wildflowers for your late summer and fall gardens with True Leaf Market’s amazing assortment of wildflower mixes. True Leaf Market can provide your readers with insights into selecting, cultivating, and caring for wildflower varieties that thrive during these seasons, adding a burst of color and attracting pollinators to the garden. Whether via a bylined article or an interview with one of True Leaf Market’s expert gardeners, your readers can explore the world of wildflowers to create a vibrant tapestry of colors in their fall gardens. Or, True Leaf Market can plan a customized, no-cost photo shoot for you and your readers through me.

5. Late Summer Sunflower Seeds for Vibrant Fall Gardens and Charming Dried Autumn Flowers:Gardeners of all skill levels certainly can cultivate sunflowers from seeds during late summer, provided they have sufficient days left in the season before the first fall frost arrives. While sunflowers are commonly associated with late summer blooms, they also play a significant role in the fall. Planting them in summer ensures an abundance of sunflowers with captivating autumnal colors, persisting well into November in certain growing zones. These flowers can be used to beautify landscapes or harvested as cut flowers for vibrant fall interior designs, eye-catching Thanksgiving centerpieces, and fresh flower bouquets. An online article in August with expert growing tips and insights from True Leaf Market would help your garden readers start planning for their autumn sunflower gardens, stunning fall décor, fresh flower bouquets, and Thanksgiving centerpieces.

6. Growing Green Minds: School is back in session. Supplement your child’s education and hobbies with the knowledge and joy of seed gardening. Children will leave school playing in the dirt anyways, right? Parents might as well take advantage of this opportunity to teach kids where their food comes from and develop a positive relationship with healthy home-grown produce. The result is lower blood pressure, healthy grown items for kids, and fresh and colorful at-home gardens to share with the rest of the family. True Leaf Mark is passionate about discussing the countless health and educational benefits of gardening for kids and helping to cultivate future green minds. The owners of True Leaf Market could write about this topic in an article – or be interviewed for one of your articles – with helpful insights and advice on gardening with kids.

7. Harnessing Autumn's Bounty for Rich Garden Gold: You hear time and time again that you should be saving your food scraps and feeding your garden with recycled organic material (compost). Why would you want to do this? Because it adds valuable nutrients back into your soil, increases moisture retention, andreduces waste. Autumn is one of the best times of the year for composting, and True Leaf Market’s team of expert gardeners are readily available to provide information, tips and best practices for composting in the fall so that your readers are ready in time for spring planting.

8. Green Thumb Treasures: The Ultimate Gardening Gift Guide for Plant Lovers: True Leaf Market offers ready-made seed assortments and other applicable gardening kits under the company’s Gift Ideas website category. The assortments cover every gardener, from flowers to foodies or survivalists, and are the perfect addition to editorial holiday gift guides. If you have interest in probable editorial content with our client, we’d be glad to answer your questions, provide photos or quotes, and coordinate a product sample or two to ship to you.

By Liliana Alvarez

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