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7 Tips for Creating a Stylish Contemporary Garden

Written by:
Sara Edwards
Valentin Lacoste

Over the last few years, we've seen contemporary gardens increasing in popularity around the world. This is because contemporary gardens are calming spaces where people can relax and unwind. They are the perfect space for people who lead busy, hectic lives.

Although many people dream of creating a contemporary garden, achieving this look can be more complicated than it sounds. Creating a contemporary garden that looks and feels fantastic requires a lot of thought and planning. The good news is that if you follow our advice below, you won't go far wrong:

1.     Create a Clear Layout

Functionality and utilisation of space are essential in contemporary garden design. But how do you create a garden that has both of these things? The answer is simple. You create a plan. To do this, you must first look at what you already have before considering what you want and need from your space. Once you know what you want, you can start creating a plan.

2.     Think About Colours and Materials

To achieve a contemporary look, you must stick to muted colour schemes like grey, white and beige. As well as this, it's essential to use natural building materials such as limestone, sandstone and granite in your design.

3.     Bring the Inside Out

Similar to contemporary interior design, where you bring the outside inside, with a contemporary garden design, you need to bring the inside outside. To achieve this, you need to create outdoor rooms in your garden, such as an outdoor seating area and an outdoor kitchen.

4.     Choose Comfortable Seating

No matter what style you want your garden to be, whether you want to achieve a contemporary look, or something a little bit more old-fashioned, it's essential to choose comfortable, durable seating. After all, we spend a lot of time in our gardens during the warmer months. A 4 seater metal garden furniture set or some metal garden benches are perfect for this, as they not only look great, but they're also easy to clean and maintain.

5.     Paint Your Walls

Another great tip is to paint any brick or rendered walls white. Painted brickwork is a great way to add texture to your garden's design.

6.     Keep it Simple

While the contemporary style is all about keeping up with the latest trends, if you want your garden design to be timeless and elegant, you must be refined with what you incorporate. Don't include all of the trends in your design, as it will leave your garden feeling cluttered.

7.     Consider the Lighting

Most people want to be able to use their garden during the evening. If you want to be able to do this, you will need to install some lighting. However, it's important to be careful about the type of outdoor lighting you install, as not all are contemporary. Inset lights are the perfect option to achieve a contemporary look.

Creating a contemporary-style garden with everything you want can be difficult, particularly if you're not a landscape gardener. The good news is that if you follow our tips and advice above, you won't go far wrong in creating the garden of your dreams.

By Liliana Alvarez

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