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7 Indoor Plants Perfect in Your Bathroom

Written by:
Ivan Serrano
Gustavo Galeano Maz

Indoor plants have become popular home decor for the past few years. You see them placed in different parts of the house, including the bathroom, primarily for ornamental purposes.

However, the bathroom is the most humid part of the house and is often short on natural light, which makes it a not-so-perfect spot for most plants.

Yet some indoor plants thrive in high humidity and warmth. These plants can survive all that dampness and are perfect for decorating your bathroom. Not only that. These humidity-friendly indoor plants can make bathrooms more inviting and relaxing. They improve air quality in the room and aren't hard to care for.

Check out a variety of indoor plants ideal as bathroom ornaments here.

Bathroom Environment and Plants

Meanwhile, if you're adding indoor plants to your bathroom, you must consider several things. It includes the room's lighting, humidity, and temperature.

Bathrooms can be less humid and cool when it’s not in use. The fluctuations in temperature may be challenging for some plants.

Furthermore, some indoor plants don't enjoy high humidity and require direct sunlight. Therefore, you must choose the right plants for your bathroom. Here are some indoor plants you can consider.

Winter Mood: A concept-design for a relaxation area & bathroom in a private house by Anna KireevaWinter Mood: A concept-design for a relaxation area & bathroom in a private house by Anna Kireeva

1. Pothos

The Epipremnum aureum, or pothos plant, is a popular indoor vining plant. It has several leaf sizes, variegations, and colors.

This low-maintenance plant can survive in high humidity and doesn't need direct sunlight. Also, you may place this pretty vining plant on a shelf or hang it in a basket.

But remember that all types of photos are toxic if ingested by pets and children.

2. Bamboo

Bamboo is perfect in bathrooms as it grows in water. You don't even need soil for this plant to grow.

Also, it's an excellent plant for spaces with low light. So, this plant is perfect if your bathroom doesn't have many windows and doesn't get much sunlight.

Another great thing about bamboo is: It can provide a spa-like environment in the room.

3. Orchid

Several types of orchids are great for growing in bathrooms. Many orchids are planted in the soil, but some species absorb moisture from the air. These species are called epiphytes or air plants.

They can keep their beautiful flowers for months. And they love the damp, warm conditions common in bathrooms.

Orchids survive in low light, but they prefer bright, indirect light. Therefore, it would be best to place them on your bathroom windowsill.

4. Snake Plant

Also known as mother-in-law's tongue, the snake plant is excellent for bathrooms. It has sharp, swordlike leaves that stand upright, giving the plant its unique appearance.

It grows in any condition, from direct light to bright light to almost no light. So regardless of how much light your bathroom gets, the snake plant can grow and thrive.

It survives even with little water and can live in a humid bathroom. It's an excellent air purifier as it filters out formaldehyde, usually found in bathroom products.

Furthermore, it has long vertical leaves, which only take up a little space in your bathroom.

5. Aloe Vera

You shouldn't forget about aloe vera when it comes to bathroom plants. Aloe vera is a great plant to keep in bathrooms due to its beauty benefits.

The gel inside the plant's leaves helps heal minor burns, soothe skin, lessen itch, and much more. You can apply the gel directly to your skin as a topical remedy.

Aloe vera likes bright, direct light. So, make sure to keep it in a spot near the windows.

6. Air Plant

The air plant is suitable for bathrooms as it can soak up the humidity from your baths and showers. It absorbs nutrients from the air.

Additionally, it can survive in a wide range of conditions. But it grows well with high humidity and bright, indirect light. You can be creative with an air plant as it doesn't need potting mix or planters.

7. Bird's Nest Fern

The bird's nest fern is an ideal plant to refresh your bathroom. This leafy plant is perfect for you if your bathroom lacks sunlight, as it prefers moderate, indirect light.

Additionally, bird's nest fern is easy to keep alive indoors and loves moisture. It has erect, spoon-shaped fronds that can grow up to two feet long when kept as an indoor plant. 

It’s best to place it near a tub or shower, as it loves moisture and humidity. Therefore, integrating this plant into your bathroom is an excellent way to add greeneries to the room.

Amazing Bathroom Design That Fused with Nature, by Omid MerkanAmazing Bathroom Design That Fused with Nature, by Omid Merkan

Refresh Your Bathroom With Indoor Plants Today!

Adding indoor plants in your bathroom is one of the best ways to make the room more inviting and relaxing. Heaps of indoor plants can grow well in humid, moist, and warm areas. So, you have plenty of options. One thing you should always keep in mind, though: Make sure you know how to care for them properly to keep them thriving.

By Liliana Alvarez

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