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5 Smart Ways To Keep Your Home Safe And Secure

Written by:
Sandro Gil
Lissete Laverde

When you picture home security, the first thing that comes to mind is usually deadlocks. Fortunately, there is now a plethora of simple-to-use and efficient home security solutions due to smart technology.

Smart Technology For The Home

Consumers may now protect their homes and lives with ease, thanks to fast advancements in security technologies. Additionally, the possibilities for utilizing technology are nearly unlimited.

Many smart home solutions make it easy for you to get into your house while preventing others from doing so. Moreover, if there's a concern or unwanted visitors at home, many smart gadgets can notify you right away, regardless of your location.

Read along to find some smart ways to keep your property safe.

home security apps

     1. Use Home Intercom System

A home intercom system isn't only easy to use, but they also give a layer of protection to your home. Moreover, new intercom systems do far more than merely enable you to check who's at the door without opening it. You may also check specific areas in your home, play music, automatically open your entrance or doors.  It also keeps tabs on your children.

Furthermore, installing the system takes only basic construction skills and some wiring techniques. However, if you're not keen on doing it yourself, you can always call a professional electrician to do it.

     2. Install Home Surveillance Equipment

Private home video surveillance was once the privilege of the wealthy, but they're now affordable. In addition, you don't even need to hire an expert to put them up. Installing this equipment is easy. Start by placing a couple of wireless cameras in strategic spots and connecting them to your home network computer. Hence, you've got yourself a surveillance system.

More sophisticated surveillance systems may also be used to define virtual limits and get notifications if they’re crossed. For instance, you could create a virtual boundary surrounding your poolside.  You may also receive notifications by email or text whenever someone crosses the tripwire.

 home camera video surveillance

     3. Set Up A Smart Alarm System

In about 30 seconds, a little flame may become a big catastrophe. Smoke alarms are an important safety feature in every home for this reason. However, the concern is if you're not nearby when a regular smoke alarm gives a signal, you may be unaware of the situation.

Fortunately, smart smoke alarms can call or text you to let you know if there's an untoward event happening in your home. So, even if you're away, you can contact authorities to check your house.

Likewise, water leak sensors can also safeguard your house by detecting leaks and informing you before it causes serious damages. Like smart smoke alarms, these sensors can send you a warning message even if you're away.

     4. Set Up Smart Locks On Your Exterior Doors

It's unsafe to hide a spare home key beneath a mat or a rock or even give it to a trustworthy neighbor. A key may be duplicated as soon as it is not in your possession. Fortunately, smart locks can address this concern of hiding a spare home key. Smart locks make it simple to allow family and visitors in while locking any intruder outside.

Instead of giving them your keys, you can give your guests their unique code to enter on the device. Additionally, you can even program your smart lock so that certain individuals may only enter at specific times. 

You can also enjoy additional features if your smart lock is integrated into a smart home system. For instance, you can program the lock to activate your home alarm system immediately when you leave.  However, smart locks may be prone to hacking. But, with adequate encryption and two-factor authentication, they'll be more difficult to break into. So, choose a lock with a solid security system. 

     5. Install A Smart Doorbell

Smart doorbells with cameras enable you to view who's at your entrance even when you're away from home. You can even speak to the individual at your entrance if your doorbell features a video intercom.

Additionally, instead of the usual 'ding dong' signal of a doorbell, you'll receive a notification from your tablet or phone that plays the tone of your preference. 

Burglars often ring doorbells to see whether someone is home. If a shady individual hits your doorbell while you're away, you may remotely inform authorities. Just be sure to have a good cell signal when doing it. 


Smart home technologies may help you safeguard your house even when you're away, providing you peace of mind. Nevertheless, remember that no matter how sophisticated your safety system is, intruders may still get access to your property. Therefore, always store your most valuable possessions in a safe where only you can access them.


Sandro Gil

Sandro Gil is a home and security specialist. He's been in the security industry for 16 years. He always updates himself on the trends and shares them through writing a blog post. He enjoys surfing and swimming during his free time.


By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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