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Architect Andrea Balastreire signs renovation of apartment on the coast of São Paulo

Project name:
Riviera de Sao Lourenço Apartment
Architecture firm:
Andrea Balastreire Arquitetura e Design de Interiores
Riviera de Sao Lourenço, Bertioga, North Coast of Sao Paulo, Brazil
Rafael Renzo
Principal architect:
Andrea Balastreire
Design team:
Joao Anisio Andrade
Thayna Guimaraes and Ana Bezerra
Built area:
126 m²
Site area:
Design year:
Completion year:
Interior design:
Andrea Balastreire
Environmental & MEP engineering:
Projections Construction
Civil engineer:
Jefferson Pereira Luiz
Structural engineer:
It does not have.
Futura Store
Projections Construction
Jefferson Pereira Luiz
Tools used:
CAD, SketchUp, Lumion, Gimp
Residential › Apartment

In search of a larger apartment with more natural lighting, architect Andrea Balastreire was approached by her former clients, a couple with two adult children, to renovate the family apartment, located on the Riviera de São Lourenço beach. The couple, who have already carried out two other projects with the professional and have total style interaction, wanted a property with lighter features and at the same time relaxed.

The family has a very contemporary, bold and at the same time clean profile. They requested full integration between the living room, home theater, dining room and gourmet space, but in a way that did not compromise circulation or overload the layout with too many pieces, as they wanted spaces where they could receive family and friends.

The starting point was to make the most of the natural light coming from the balcony. From there, a wooden sliding door was created with a glass core, which

separates the dining room from the barbecue area and at the same time offers this light for as long as possible. In this way, it combines important pillars of aesthetics, comfort, functionality and beauty.

The renovation of the property was partial, carried out without many changes to the original plan, but with a complete renovation of the interior design. Previously, the living room was located where the dining room is today, making the layout too tight and compromising circulation. Andrea then decided to break the wall of her daughter's room, which is next door, reducing it by 60cm inside, which expanded the home theater and left it completely aligned. And so that this reduction would not harm the girl's intimate space, the bedroom was integrated into the balcony with a glass enclosure, enabling the creation of an office and natural lighting.

The apartment's flooring was replaced with cementitious porcelain tiles, which offered a modern and elegant aesthetic, as well as a contemporary look. The main wall of the room was covered with white textured ceramics, which gives a greater sensation of spaciousness and creates a subtle look, harmonizing the aesthetics of the space, without competing with the other elements.

A plaster lining was applied to the ceiling, which provided a uniform surface, in addition to built-in lighting, which created a more pleasant environment and was very well punctuated by the layout and decorative pieces. The living room, for example, followed the position of the paintings and the beautiful buffet. The home theater received LEDs for more scenic lighting.

The carpentry was extremely important in this project, as it played a crucial role, offering more assertive solutions. He became a protagonist, because he prioritized interior design, always in light tones, highlighting some pieces in freijó wood.

By Alfredo Gonzalez

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